June 2, 2018

Urban forest - the essence of man's love for plants....

Urban forest - the essence of man's love for plants ... I went to the car diagnostic station and my jaw drops ...

Potted flowers usually grow at homes and offices and this is fine. Standard. We are used to this. But this !!!??? It's like getting to another planet, where there are still cars or other vehicles and car workshops or other vehicles.

Something amazing.

Mr Zbyszek sent me to the diagnostic station, because it was the time. I will not tell you the reason and I will not admit whether or not I accidentally was driving around without a valid technical tests.

Anyway, I am arriving ... I open the door, go in and my jaw drops .... I do not believe my eyes ... The industrial hall is about 10 m high and as far as my eyes can reach I see potted plants there. Mostly creepers, but not only ... potted flowers in a different form .... I can not help staring up like a tourist who comes to New York for the first time .... I slowly move towards the cashier, trying to grasp this phenomenon ...

- Good morning ... and these plants here is whose hobby? - I ask, in my humble opinion with admiration in my voice and in hope for interesting conversation.

- Good morning - he says dryly, probably suspecting that I want to drive away my attention from the car, so that I get the approval stamp in my car's registration document without a problem. But what he doesn’t know and I know, there will be no problem, because the car under the care of Mr. Zbyszek is in such a state that the “fly does not sit down” – as we say.

- All of us – he says and I see that there will be no interesting conversation on this topic... at least for now.

- But so specifically - I drill dangerously - who is watering it all?

- Each of us - he says - in particular, there is one, but if he is away, then each of us ... Please, get me a registration document. Wait a moment, I'll just finish…

I waited and I could not stop taking pictures. When it was over, he called me back:

- PLN 99, please. I handed him 100 PLN banknote. - I'm sorry, but I do not have a zloty ...

- No problem. Can I for this one zloty get a piece of hoya, because mine died and I would like to have it again.

- You may "steal" lady, but do not tell anyone, because it is known that stolen is best growing. Do you know that all those hoyas grew all from one plant? And when they bloom, that smell here I s heavenly... Come over soon ....

I will definitely come back.


  1. Wonderful place and fantastic story about it! Thank you! Kind regards from Poland! :) Magdalena Niemczuk

  2. Hello Magdalena! Thank you for coming over and taking your time to leave a sign you've been here. Its highly appreciated :)

  3. This is really a very very special place. WOW!
    Would like to have something here.
    Thank you for sharing and all my best

  4. Hello Tante Malis, thanks for visiting, taking your time and commenting.


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