April 24, 2014

13 Photos of One Day in Poland

This house get always the seasonal decoration on the front door. Do you see the current one? This is how Spring and Easter are greeted in the garden you already know. If you missed it, hop over here and here.

Today I will share with you a day in a Polish house and garden.

Hyacinths – divine scenting spring flowers, this year in blue. And in every pot. The scent welcomes you from the front gate.

Viburnum is also getting ready to bloom and bless us with scent

Water droplet in the morning shine like silver bullets...

In the meantime Mrs D. is making Polish/Russian pierogi and also pasta...

While Mr. D. is having his favourite cooked carrot.

April 21, 2014

15 Great Easter Decoration Ideas

If you are looking for ideas how to decorate for Easter, I’d like to share some Easter ideas that could be inspirational. There is still some time to catch up.

I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

 Photo by Yvonne Eijkenduijn

 Photo above and below by Christina Campisi

 Photo by ZeHawk
 Photo by Kate Skegg
 Photo by Sam Agnew
 Photo by Emanuelle Bourgue
 Photo by Oakley Originals
 Photo by Camknows
 Photo by Pinke
 Photo by Valdemar Fishmen
 Photo by Margrit
 Photo by Kai Chan Wong
Photo by Vi-Ka

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Happy Easter to you!