November 3, 2009

Grow Grapes website discovered

I just came across an interesting site called “Grape Growing System” that I believe you’ll all be interested in. Few weeks ago I have signed up to free materials and because I value them a lot, I decided to share it with you.
If you also want to grow grapes the correct way and would like to sign up for free information, you only need to fill the little form on the right. It is worth it - every incoming e-mail is full of tips and ideas. So if you want successfully grow grapes, this is the site and this is guy.

I will share with you my story. I have tried once to grow grapes and it was truly grand ‘grow grapes flop’. My first grape plants got sick very fast after being planted not in proper place and not taken care of. I searched for help and nobody could give me any sensible advice at that time, they were all mainly advising different strong chemicals for treatment. Sorry! But no. I am organic gardener, so I didn’t want to spray them with pesticides. I looked for much more than information with what to spray them. I believed there are better ways.

If the plant is offered not proper growing conditions, why should I additionally punish myself, my family and all living creatures in my garden with deadly and dangerous chemical? I already felt sorry for the plants. I have planted them in a wrong place, wrong way and my grape plant suffered, but this is not a disaster – it’s only mistake caused by lack of knowledge.

It is exactly the same as with learning how to walk, write, how to drive or anything else – you learn by making mistakes. You learn faster if somebody is helping, right?
I was thinking to look for local grape growing gardener, but that is too much hassle. There is no vineyards in the neighborhood - where to look?

I love grapes as a plant – it is so vital and grows such beautiful fruits - planning to grow them again, because beside fruits I'd like to have a beautiful grape arbor in my garden.

If you subscribe to "Grape Growing System" website that teaches how to grow grapes the correct way, share your opinion with me.


rsa training said...

I wish you fruitful grape farming, and have a happy planting day.

game cards said...

I love grapes but I never got the chance to plant it, for some reason it would not grow.