March 30, 2010

New Ewa in the Garden - new Blogger Template Designer

My blog is 3 years old. All this time more or less same template - it is like wearing same dress all the time - right?
When I saw the new functions of new Blogger Template Designer, I jumped over without hesitation. It finally possible to make real changes in the template according to preference, without any problems. No bugs, no scrambled codes, no problems. Lot's of choices and lot's of colors - finally.
Did you notice this new function in gmail inbox? Not yet? Look here at new Blogger Template Designer here. Good luck!


Darla said...

I'll have to check it out!

Danny @ said...

Lovely post mate :) We would really love to see you be a part of our Blogger community, just click on my link and get a free membership :)

vicki archer said...

Love the new look Ewa...xv

shirley Bovshow said...

Hi Ewa,
I'm looking forward to your video contribution to the Garden World Report show. Let's talk sometime this week!
Shirley Bovshow
Garden World Report Show

Jan said...

I like your new look, Ewa, and I've done some changes with mine, too. It is so easy and if you don't like something, you can just go back in and make a new one!