November 26, 2014

10 Photos of Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Sissinghurst Castle Garden is an iconic British garden and a must see when you visit Great Britain.

Recently I was reviewing a book that was published 3rd of November, 2014 (read the review here).
Whatever you see on the photos below or in reality, you can find its story in the book, how that specific part was created, what challenges were faced from the beginning and how the weaknesses of the site were turned into strengths.

 Photos thanks to courtesy of Ugardener

For me one of the most interesting part is the description how the illusion of symmetry was created. The site is not perfect, as any of those we guard. One of its characteristics is lack of symmetry.

They struggled with it, but they made it – for today looks perfectly symmetrical. Whether you like it or not, symmetry is pleasing for the eyes. Worth re-thinking? I believe so. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the photos and maybe also the book as I do (still standing on the shelf next to my bed).  

I love this photo. Look close. See the parts of the grass that is left growing freely. No mowing, or let's say just partial mowing. Like it too?


stadtgarten said...

I love this beautiful garden!
Have a nice weekend, Monika

Ewa said...

Hello Monika! Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice weekend too :)

Tara Dillard said...

Tall meadow under the fruit trees? Thought for decades it was done for 'aesthetics'.

No. Wrong.

It's pollinator habitat, guilds. Increases fruit yields by 80 %

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Ewa said...

Hello Tara :) Thanks for coming by :) You are so right about the pollinators! 80%? wow!