June 8, 2015

Starting new vegetable garden in Algarve - Day 2

After making the plan of companion planting, I have decided to go two ways.

First, to buy ready seedlings to make the vegetable garden producing sooner.

Second, to use seeds in order to prolong the produce by at least 3 months and to grow vegetables that I haven't seen the seedlings on the market.  

As you have seen, the irrigation system was placed before planting. In the days like now, when the temperatures are at their 30-ies they are watered 3 time a day for a week, to make them established. After seedlings will get get used to new environment and their roots will firmly catch the soil, 2 times a day would be enough.
Current watering times: 6 am, 3 pm, 10 pm.    

Not all the rows are used yet, because I will be adding new seed sowing every 7 days in order to get the  produce ready for harvesting at different tomes. I don't want to have all the vegetables to be ready at the same time, because we would not be able to eat them all at the same time. Veggies will arrive when they are needed :) not when they want to be ready.


Shad Zac said...

Awesome little garden you have there planned. Question: how many vegetables do you eat a day? I'm a big boy so I eat a lot, I guess I'll just plant more. Cheers!

Ewa said...

Hey Shad Zac,
I am not big, but I eat lots of vegetables :) Yhis veggie garden is not big, but enough for 1 person :) for more people in the family, more growing space is needed.

Thomas said...

I wouldn't bother sowing the seeds few by few. I mean, my family isn't quite a big one but if there are more veggies in our garden than we can eat, we usually share them with some of our neighbors. Perhaps it's too much, but I do hope that it inspire them to garden too. :)

Ewa said...

Hello Thomas, oh yes, you want to sow the seeds week after week or every two weeks. Despite of how much you want to share with neighbors.
This is a very overlooked technique that enables you to maximise the produce and have constant supply of needed vegetables from the garden. If you sow the seeds all at once, you have the harvest in limited period of time, and if you sow much then you are not able to eat it. After the vegetables are gone, there is gap, because you need to wait till next plants will mature.
See the difference?
If you want to share the produce, you need to just sow more seeds.
Thanks for visiting and commenting!