December 7, 2007

Garden surprises!

Having my pyjama on - I just jumped in the shoes and dressed the coat to see whats going on out there. And look! Suddenly my hedge got much taller! Yes! it took less than 3 years ;)
Unfortunately this is temporary only.
Neighbour is selling Christmas trees, and this is kind of storage.

After Christmas they will be all gone.

My autumn crocus is still flowering.

And look here! This little strawberry is flowering since June and still doing well.
It is Fragaria hybride. 'Dee Rose' - I think.

Rose New Dawn would like since at least 2 months to open this bud, but look how fresh it is still.

Digitalis purpurea getting prepared for new season.
As you can see parthenocissus leafs are still reddish.

Surprisingly, the garden still looks nice.
Colors are more calm, not so vibrant, but still attractive.


Barbara said...

You are right, your garden ist still attractive and nice. Now the shapes and forms of the plants push themselves to the fore. And we as gardeners suddenly take notice of plants that in summer or other seasons dissapear behind the blooming plants. This is the justified compensation somehow in the garden....
Have a nice weekend, Ewa!

Chrissie said...

Your garden is still lovely with a variety of colour! I like your new fence :-) Do you expect snow?

Ewa said...

have a nice weekend too :)

I don't think it is going to snow. It was raining entire day and something like +6
But let me see the weather forecast :)

MariaJ said...

Haa, your new fence is funny. Isnt it nice to have some humour in the garden....its amazing that you still have some flowers blooming!

teresa g. said...

I wonder how can they bloom in that cold. I thought that in northern countries like yours all gardens were sleeping by now!

Ewa said...

Mariaj, Jardineira aprendiz,
Until real snow comes some plants are still trying :)
Usually second half o Novemeber we have kind of 'winter early warning' with snow and freeze, then it is gone and turns back rarely for Christmas (unfortunately), rather January and February are typical winter months.
Thank you for dropping by :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How funny your hedge growing overnight. It does give you an idea how your hedge will look in a few years.

I just love the combination of plants in your last photo. I need to plant some more ever green plants. This is I tried with arborvitae. Not a good plant I am now told. I like their flat leaves though.

What is the big bush in the upper right hand of the photo? It looks like a deciduous bush but still has leaves. All the leaves are off my bushes except for the Kerria bush.

Ewa said...

Hello Lisa,
Which photo from the top you mean?

ilterocktive said...

I think Lisa means the last photo before the comments link.
I liked that place too -stones and short "grass-like" plants covering them :)

Ewa said...

In case it is the last photo, on right hand side there is arborvitae, but short growing round. I am not sure which one it is, cos it was there since we moved in. I suspect it is Thuja occidentalis woodwardii - round in shape, growing up to 1,5m

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

What a lovely garden! You still have so much color. I love how you've got conifers scattered throughout the garden. That's something that my garden needs to add winter interest.

Barbara said...

Your garden is so pretty.

Unknown said...

Ewa, what a beautiful garden you have! I'm enjoying seeing it through your blog--you have such an eye for color and combinging plants.

I would love for you to link to my blog, and if you would allow me to link to yours in return.

nilla|utanpunkt said...

Hi, though a post from 2007, the evergreens seem to be coming into play soon. You have a lovely selection. Take care, Camellia in England.