February 23, 2009

Orchid Show, Warsaw Poland 2009

While winter is still trying to show us the power, Polish Orchid Society organised this weekend orchid show. The beauty of flowers is brightening cold sunday.

Show was hosted at Warsaw University Library, ultra modern building. Some arrangements were in strong contrast to character of building.

I would have nothing against having that many orchids in one room. Let me show you some of those beautiful plants.



Paphiopedilum argus.




Oncidium Twinkle.


Lycaste Candida.

Epidendrum Cliare.

Encylia Vittelima.


Cymbidium hybr.

Cattleya hybr.

Cattleya hybr.

Brassavola glauca.

I fed my eyes and soul again. What is your way to hold on till Spring?
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Anonymous said...

beautiful orchids!

Anonymous said...

Stunning and beautiful photos. And the snow picture is pretty too. Spring has about made her debut here in western Oregon. Today it peaked at 50 degrees or so, allowing me to plant a few roses and other sundry tasks. Still, winter can't be far off for you northers. (I'm a norther too but have the Pacific Ocean to keep the air temperature moderated.)
I'm sure the orchids helped a great deal to chase away the winter, at least for awhile. Cheers.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Great pics of gorgeous flowers, they do cheer you up. ;-) That's still quite a lot of snow you have there in Poland. Here we have mostly rain and grey skies and we are all longing for Spring.

Sunita Mohan said...

Beautiful! I would have nothing against a few ... or all... of them in my room either! ;D

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ewa .. you have some wonderful pictures of such gorgeous flowers ! It would have been such a refreshing relief to have gone to a show like that for me !
I wish I could keep orchids .. I killed mine last year and felt terrible about it .. I'm not sure what i did wrong , but some people are just not orchid people ? Thanks for stopping by my blog with Omoshiro clematis : )

Kylee Baumle said...

Nothing makes me happier than to see close-ups of orchids. Of course, I want many of them, too, but I'm only moderately successful at getting them to rebloom.
Thank you for showing these to us, Ewa!
I like the modern building, too.

joey said...

A wonderful way to spend a winter day, Ewa. I missed the last 2 weekends of local orchid shows :( Great photos ... I adore orchids (some success reblooming), especially loving the paphs!

Pat said...

Stunning orchids!
Just what we needed in the middle of winter.

catzgarden said...

Thank you for your beautiful blog - and for writing it in English! Your pictures are stunning....I'll visit often.


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Such lovely and delicate blooms. I love how they were arranged! So elegant and luxurious!


Victoria Cummings said...

You fed my soul with these gorgeous photos! Thanks!