March 1, 2008

Design and garden decoration inspirations

My garden came to the point, that needs more serious decisions than whether to plant daylillies, or evergreens - even if its not real alternative. I am thinking about choosing decoration elements. Easiest way would be to go to shop and buy it - if I can not make it by myself :) But what about my own touch? Individuality expression? Originality?
Such example as above: just old gate in the middle of the garden - doesn't it look stunning?
Absolutely daring design idea - it is simply stopping you when you see it! Maybe seems little odd to some of you, but this one is original and true challenging.
What do you think about it?

That old gate belongs to the garden of one of my favourite houses in the neighbourhood: white color of the house and different shades of green make great contrast. To my taste maybe I would change the blue color of the roof to the graphite one.
Conifers in containers guarding the front gate nicely underline the arrangement of the frontgarden and entrance, right?

Or that grim and wicked metal woolf art isn't it interesting idea?

This day was very different to me, cos I got back to school! Okay it is on weekends, but the subject is great! Ha! it is... tadadam... garden design! Below is my school bench with lovely design on the wall that I intend to implement somewhere in my house.
Do you think it's a coincidence, that I landed there?
My friend, whose garden I presented few post before, decided to attend a garden design classes and asked if I would like - I said I have to consider.
When the time came, I didn't make my decision yet, but she had to go away from Warsaw and couldn't attend this first weekend. We decided, that I will replace her for this first weekend.... and school agreed :)

...than I will pass materials and knowledge to her. It will be great way also to make up my mind and understand whether I like it or not... and whether I will attend it or not...

Being at the period of life to take different course of next years, change the profession - I am not the only one there that feels little bifurcated - there is another girl, that dropped a career in corporations. She already attended interior design and now continues garden design...

I liked the place... I like the beautiful drawings they have shown us... I am little scared... I am not able to draw... they say it is easy and everyone can do it :) ehe... is it true?
It lasts 2 months on weekends and after finishing I could be a garden designer with diploma.. sounds cool... Do you think it is a coincidence I 'landed' there this morning at 9 ?

Hardscaping for the garden - that sandstone flower is just lovely - right? I saw it on the way back - it is decorative element on one of the buildings in Warsaw.

When I turned back... A S L A N was in the garden first....

Then they decided to sleep on me while I was writing.

I wonder if today is kind of milestone in my life? I feel sort of....


Priscilla George said...

How fun that all sounds. I wish you the best of luck with your new class. I am going to school for landscape and horticulture. Right now I have a landscape design class which looks to be the same type of class that you are taking by looking at the illustrations. Really the drawing is not difficult because it's simple things like circles and such. It can be kind of hard to understand but that could just be my teacher. Do keep us informed on how it goes and if it's easy for you to understand. There are several people in my class having a hard time. Those that are having an easier time have prior drawing and design skills.

kate said...


The photograph of Asian is just stunning! The gate idea is an interesting one. It sounds as if your mind is brimming over with creative designs. The course looks great! You will be able to draw ...

Carol Soules said...

No, doesn't sound like a coincidence to me! I hope you'll pursue your dreams. You CAN do it :-)
Carol, over in New England

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Ewa, I think you are absolutly right about this opportunity being for you. Fate is aligning all for you to proceed into a different phase of your life. Go for it. Follow through this gate of knowledge. You will be richly rewarded.

paris parfait said...

I like the garden gate w/o an accompanying fence -very original. The class sounds like fun - I'm sure you do well. I almost took a similar class in London - they told me I didn't have to draw well, too - but then we moved to Paris.

garden girl said...

That is AWESOME, Ewa! Enjoy your class. And I second Cabs - definitely go after your dreams.

The gate is beautiful.

Barbara said...

If there were classes like this in my country (and only for such a short time!) I would attend it immediately!! So take the chance and see what's happening. I'm sure it is a great chance! And you'll be successful, I beg with you!
Have a wonderful time (also at this school!),

Unknown said...

I think you're right--t's time to do other things, when something presents itself to you this way. It'll be fun, and we'll 'learn' with you as you explore new opportunities, Ewa. Glad to see that your catchildren know where the best seat in the house is--on you!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Your kitty babies are so cute! I'm so glad you came by Rosehaven Cottage so I could come over here and "meet" you all.

I really love the gate idea. It's given me some ideas that I think I may use in my own garden.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage