February 26, 2009

Largest Rose Bush in the world - Knock Out Rose "Kiftsgate" (Rosa fillipes)

White rose, Rosa fillipes "Kiftsgate" growing in England is the largest rose bush in the world.
It current size is 90 feets x 80 feets x 50 feets high, or in metric it is 24m x 27 m x 15m high.
It was plantes as small seedling in 1938 in Kiftsgate Court Gardens.
I haven't found info about any other rose growing that large! If you live next to it, just please let me know.
On the photo you see picture of Kiftsgate taken in Austria - it bloomed for the first time after few years and at the lenght of 6 meters.
/click to enlarge the photo and see the white flowers in the upper part of the photograph/.
Picture by Er.We - taken in Austria.
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joey said...

Wow, Ewa! Must be awesome to see 'Kiftsgate' in bloom!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Judging by its size, I think it's aiming for world domination. ;-)

garden girl said...

Wow Ewa, that's huge! I was thinking the same thing as Yolanda - a rose that big might poised to take over the world!

I would hate to be the person responsible for prunining that rose. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Roses are so classy. I love that the owners allowed this one to grow.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Roses are so classy. I love that the owners allowed this one to grow.

Visual Vamp said...

We could live in it!
xo xo

Balisha said...

That's one stunning rose bush.

Barbara said...

Wow...I am glad, that my Kiftsgate is not (yet) so big ;-) !! But the blooms are great!!

Hort Log said...

That's a rose ??? Looks like a tree to me .....

Dandan said...

Pretty cool! Undoubtedly the tallest rose in the world. Depends on what is meant by 'biggest'. Check out the 125 year old "Lady Banksia" rose in Tombstone, Arizona. Covers 7000 square feet.



Paul N said...

In 2006 I visited Tombstone in Arizona and saw the World's largest rose bush, and this is officially the record holder.
BTW last year I planted a 'Kiftsgate' as I want it to cover a large workshop. It's now 9ft tall and growing each day.

Bulzi said...

largest rose in the world is the Lady Banks Rose in Tombstone, Arizona. Covers over 8000 square feet and has a circumference of 12 feet.