March 21, 2009

Sustainable Architecture - Fresh Air Plants - YOU need to see this!

I just saw an amazing video from TED conference in Feb'09 that is touching the subject of sustainable architecture project of an office building using plans for purifying the air: Mother-in-law's Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata), Money Plant (Epipremum aureum) and Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens).

This is the speach of Kamal Meattle, who 17 years ago became allergic to Dehli's air and doctors said, that his lounge capacity went down by 70%.

They designed a healthy building and the study says that after staying 10 hours in this building there is 32% probability of 1% raise of oxygen in human's blood.

Ha! Sansevieria is the bedroom plant, because it converts CO2 to oxygen at night.


Randi said...

This is a very interesting post.
Thanks for sharing it!

F Cameron said...

Plants beneficial to health -- great story!


HelenJ said...

I love Sansevierias, especially S. cylindrica, so it's great to know that they are so useful indoors!
Great post!

Bren Haas said...

THis is a wonderful entry. THANK YOU for posting at Blotonical Network so I could find you!
Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

I have two plants in our house! But move both pots of the Sansevieria during the summer outside. They grow very well and get more colourful too.
Naming a plant after you??
This service is offered by ..custom Rose Naming - have a rose named after you or someone you love. How about that?
The rose you love is called "EWA".
Take care and keep the air clean..
- Cheers.
with plants of course.

Ewa said...

Randi, thanks for coming over - I hope to see you soon :)

Ewa said...

Cameron, does it mean we will have some great reading on your blog. thanks for commenting.

Ewa said...

Helen, I am especially happy to learn, that there can be at least one type of plant in the bedroom :)

Ewa said...

Gisela, do you think it would be possible? or you are just kidding me?