May 6, 2009

Best directory of gardening blogs - Blotanical

At the beginning, which was end of 2007, when it started I was reluctant, but after watching what's going on, how much new great reading it brings and how great gardening blogs I could miss if I weren't listed, today I can say "Go there and get listed now!" if you haven't do it yet.
Listing in Blotanical is a must for gardening blogs.
If you are not listed there, do it right after reading it. Don't postpone it until tomorrow - because as some are saying:
~There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is only a promise. There is only today. ~
At Blotanical there is already over 1,300 garden blogs listed from all over the world. You can see where garden blogs are located - which continent, which country, which city or region. You may search garden blogs located near you, you may easily send mesagges to other garden bloggers, rate posts which flow in 'en masse' and get plenty of additional traffic.
Summarizing, it's my thumb up for Blotanical.
If you know other gardeners catalogues that have the potential to bringing additional traffic to your blog or website, please share it with us in the comments section.

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Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I agree. I can't believe how many great garden blogs I've found on there.