May 10, 2009

Secret life of viburnums, eventually...

I clearly remember saying in the nursery "I'd like one viburnum. Fragrant. Nice flowers." I came back home with Viburnum carlesii Judii (Korean Spice Viburnum) - this is how it was
labelled at least.

It doesn't grow fast in my garden, but one day it literally shot new stem. I was happy to see, that it has decided to stay longer with us and get eventually bigger and eventually have more flowers.
This year I got really disappointed to see, that new strong stem is belonging to 'someone' else!
Believe me - this is one plant.

In the middle picture, you can see both plants totally different shapes and flowers.
See lower picture.

It looks that my Judii was grafted on stronger kind of Viburnum, which eventually will overtake the privileged position of loved plant in my garden and eliminate Judii from competition.

New plant on the plant doesn't look nicer, nor flowers are fragrant enough to my standards...
soo it has to go, right?


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Jan said...

How disappointing. I have had the same thing happen to a rose once.

Always Growing

Maggie said...

Hmm... you could try cutting off the one you don't prefer. Do you have a picture of where the two join?

Balisha said...

I had the most beautiful K. S. Viburnum in my yard at my old house. It was right next to the front door. I kept it "limbed up" so it looked like a smallish tree. It was beautifully shaped. When people would come to visit,they always said,"What is that beautiful scent?" It smelled sort of like carnations. Sadly,when I moved, I couldn't take this plant. I have a new one, but it isn't doing as well. Good luck with yours.