June 13, 2009

Compare 2 Brugmansia Cuttings

on the picture you may see exactly the difference and understand what do I exactly mean.
Those 2 cuttings taken in the Autumn, have spend most of their time in identical conditions. Same water, same light amount, same compost.
The only difference is the temperature in last 3 weeks only.
The bigger plant on the left has spent last 3 weeks at home on the windowsill in steady temp. around 20C/68F, while the smaller plant was growing outside in the garden, where temeratures were dropping at night to 9C/48F.
What a difference, ha?
Can't wait for them to bloom and share the gift of fragrance and look so beautiful like those I've spotted while walking in an old aristocratic district of Warsaw.
PS. I forgot to tell you, that I have painted my garden furniture to white with some old lace decorations. Do you think it looks nice?


vicki archer said...

I think your furniture looks gorgeous Ewa, xv.

vuejardin said...

Very nice bench matching the plants

Kylee Baumle said...

Interesting, Ewa. We overwinter our brugs every year, and some have gotten so big, we HAVE to leave them in their pots from now on, because growing them outside in summer, if we put them in the ground, they grow MUCH faster than in the pots. We discovered this after the first year, when we kept them all in their pots all summer, except for one, which we planted in the ground. The difference in growth was phenomenal.

Love your bench! Very nice job you did!

alison_dale said...

Your bench is very cute and a perfect example of how to spruce up old furniture! Your experiment with the plants is very interesting. I wouldn't have thought there would be that much of a difference.

kesslerdee said...

Very interesting. I just bought my first brug last summer, and it is getting ready to bloom for the first time since last year!