July 21, 2009

Mrs Larkspur and Mr Picket Fence were living in the countryside


Nobody will deny the beauty of Mrs Larkspur.
Mr Picket Fence has subtle beauty, but this is known - men doesn't need to be beautiful, to be handsome. This is what one would say about Mr Picket Fence.
I will say more - he is harsh and simple in many regards, but doesn't he seem to be terribly romantic...
Is it surprising that Mrs Larkspur clings to him for good?
Ah... if only somebody would visit them and help Mrs Larkspur to prune the flowers after fading, she would bloom then once again this year.
She woudn't overgrow him at that time, but he would value this nice gesture - stereotypes, stereotypes...

These pictures were taken in the countryside of Western Pomerania in Poland last week, where I love to go in the summer.

I took plenty of pictures - would you like to see them?


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

What beautiful pictures! I love that blue! How nice to go to Western Pomerania --that is where my husband's people are from.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ewa ... that amazing blue against the soft weathered picket fence is perfect .. I wouldn't have it any other way : )

Darla said...

I too like the blue against the weathered fence.

vicki archer said...

Yes please Ewa, xv.

Jan said...

Here we must grow larkspur as a winter annual so seeing these beauties during the summer is a treat. Lovely blue color, and they look good next to the grey fence.

Always Growing

~~Rhonda said...

The blue of Mrs. Larkspur is lovely! My favorite color. I have my own Mr. Fence but his companion is Mrs. Daisy. See how well they get along?


I would enjoy seeing your other pictures. ~~Rhonda

Victoria Cummings said...

I love blue in the garden and with the weathered fence, it is really striking - Yes, more photos from your trip, please!

Less is More said...

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