July 12, 2009

Secret Life of Letter Boxes

Everything seems to be perfectly normal. Garden is opulent and because of enormous rains since 2 months I can hear it growing, cats are happy and well, birds are coming and taking bath in the water pond, fish are swimming around in a siesta tempo, frogs are happy, slugs are also happy with amount of water Poland is getting.
But there is one thing that really puzzles me and I can't find the answer - this is the secret life of our letter box. Recently the post mail notification, taken out of a letter box looked like that one on the picture.
It doesn't look torn - it looks.... eaten... could that be possible? If yes, who is having party in my letter box?
Any suspect? Beside postman?


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

LOL, I have no idea who's doing that. Could be insects building a nest. I don't think it's the postman!

Last week we had lots of rain here too but now we are back to sunshine. Hurray!

Carol said...

Just found your web log! Letter boxes are prime targets for moths! They seem to love paper in enclosed places. I look forward to looking around your garden. Carol

Sue Swift said...

Snails will eat paper Ewa. I think they could be your culprit if the letter hole is open and big enough for them to crawl in and out.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Ewa, where in Poland do you live?
We wil visit Krakow later this year.......