September 3, 2009

Are pink Hydrangea flowers superior to blue or not?

Second part of Summer without Hydrangea flowers in the garden is like Christmas without Christmas tree. If you start to think about it in terms of endless Hydrangea flowers show, you will have no doubts whether to invite it to the garden or not.

Hydrangea is almost careless and if you prune it properly late winter, already two years later you get bouquet of flowers standing bold in your garden. Pleasing your eyes and soul.

You want white hydrangea? Here you are. Maybe pink or blue? Mophead? Lacecap? Oakleaf? If you get bored with pink mophead hydrangea, you can make it blue.

Really wonderful plants.

Which one is more beautiful? Are pink Hydrangea flowers superior to blue Hydrangea flowers?

I know I have asked stupid question, but allow me say in public, that despite I love all of them, the blue one is having special place in my heart. And finally I made them blue! Acidic soil makes them blue, but if naturally soil in your garden - like in mine - is neutral, trying to change is like trying to tame the lion - it will always be wild at heart.


I have tried many things, but the only working one is plain yellowish sulphur, I scattered last fall on the soil around it.

So, blue or pink Hydrangea is superior?


Anonymous said...

Hello Ewa -- I believe I like the blue best, also, simply because there are so few truly blue flowers in the garden. Yours is just lovely.

vicki archer said...

I can't choose Ewa, xv.

Darla said...

I'll take any hydrangea.....although the blue really does POP!

Mia said...

I must say blue, it's a fantastic colour, and together with your rose, lovely :)

Diary From Africa said...

Ewa, I love the blue ones - I have some in my garden here in Africa that are a lilac colour, but yours are beautiful !

Tara Dillard said...

I adore the mopheads when they are crossing pink-blue and are purple.

Learned with our droughts the blue mopheads will turn pink due to troubles with aluminum uptake.

Not always a soil acidity issue for color.

In my garden: oakleaf, mophead, lacecap, 'Anna Belle', 'Tardiva', 'PeeGee'. Lots of each.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Naturegirl said...

Ewa! I have pink and of course the wonderful Annabelles oh and I must remember my Pee Gees!
I adore blue and you know what I will turn them blue with your suggestion of sulpher....they also turn blue as did in my neighbors garden by planting near pine tree!
Who doesn't LOVE hydrangeas!!

Barbara said...

Hi Ewa
after a long silence I also want to drop a little hello again, now that I am back in blogland. I just see you are fond of hydrangeas too (as I am :-) !). I love all of them but most of all when they start to fade...they have such a morbid charme and then the colours are spectacular too.

Peppercorn Elvis said...

Mine always bloom blue so this year I added lime to my soil and I'm hoping they bloom pink. I think I may have done it too late in the season though.