September 25, 2009

Brugmansia Angels Fantasy vs. Alien

Maybe you don’t get this association. For me it is the first one coming to my mind. The flowers look magnificent, but don’t you think they look like Alien - creature from the movie with Sigourney Weaver movie?

Yesterday during the conversation about the movie “District 9” I made a joke “I think aliens are already living among us” - yesterday everyone laughed, but today while looking at these pictures of spectacular brugmansia Angels Fantasy, somebody said “yes, aliens are already living among us – just look at this! Look at the beauty and diversity around…”

So I am not the only one to connect it with that movie.

I bumped at it in botanic garden in Wroclaw 2 days ago, when I have visited charming team of gardening magazine “My Beautiful Garden” as a result of being a finalist of blog competition. Soon I will show you more pictures from truly beautiful botanic garden in Wroclaw.

PS. Flowers of brugmansia Angels Fantasy look magnificent, but I didn’t get too much scent.


Darla said...

This is sooooo on my 'have to get' list!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Yea.. they look a little bit like aliens. Good and beautiful aliens definitely! ~bangchik

Kylee Baumle said...

You know these are growing at Our Little Acre and are one of my favorites! Yours is beautiful! Mine all have a wonderful scent, but it is most pronounced in the evening. Not much during the day, but when the day ends....ooooh....sooo wonderful. I say it smells like lemon soap. Is yours more fragrant in the evening?

Ewa said...

The white one was spotted at botanical garden and I didn't get any smell of it.
I have yellow flowered one and yes - it is much more fragrant in the evening. Perfect patio plant for adding wonderful scent.

vicki archer said...

I call these flowers 'trumpet' Ewa. I don't think it is a correct term but that is how I have always known them. Now I will think of 'alien' when I see them :) Have a wonderful weekend, xv.