November 22, 2009

Decluttering house and garden – HELP needed!

Help! There is a mess in my garden – this is not related with the autumn mess created by dead plants. This is real mess. Too many different plants and sometimes chaotic planting – it needs to be corrected.

I have deep need for simplifying my surrounding, decluttering my life. I see myself in better, simpler, less cluttered place – it doesn’t mean I need to go somewhere, rather I need to make true order.

Decluttering is not one time job, this is a state of mind and it needs continuation on daily basis.

It might be easy, if approached with proper attitude. Now it is easier to do it at home, because I already have a plan – everyday I will spend 15 minutes on decluttering and throw away every little thing that I don’t love or TRULY need. This is systematic war declared – I start from the entrance door and continue place by place.

Deep inside, I fear arriving to my wardrobe – how to throw away my clothes. I know, the rule is – donate every piece you didn’t use over a year.

Rule is rule – life is life, so HOW to decide?

Luckily clothing section is upstairs, so it will take some time until I arrive there.

If I continue as I decided, it seems I will be done for Christmas and ready with fresh space for new year. Writing here about it, will help me to stick with it – are you interested in reading here about the progress?

Second rule of my private decluttering war I am applying is “2 for 1” - I decided to throw away 2 things, if I buy 1 and bring it home.

I have already a good candidate – my shopping from 2 days ago: sweet new cap, gloves and broche. If I am serious with myself on decluttering and my new life, this means I need to throw away 2 caps and 2 accessories items. Gloves are usually getting lost natural way, so no need to throw them away.

Now we arrive to real issue and main reason for this post – THE garden. How to start decluttering? What rules to apply?

You guys are awesome – I saw it many times already - and I know you have an idea how to start decluttering the garden. How to approach it? Any practical solutions you like to share?


Carole said...

Hello Ewa !
I became a follower of your blog not long ago. Your title today rings a bell - are you a Flybaby too ? I have also been in the decluttering process for 1 1/2 year now and my big piece is the garage and all the gardening stuff.
I have started in the garden as well... I checked what was at the wrong place, what had been bought and hastily planted etc. and found a better place for it. I divided the garden into zones and made a list of what needed to be moved where (like shop your garden, before buying anything new).
I give myself a year minimum to leave the blank spaces as they are and see what could be put in there. In the meantime the ground will be enriched with compost and mulched so when planting time is around, the newly arrived plants won't starve !
And all the places that need to be weeded and arranged will be before anything gets planted there. Lay the foundations first, then plant ! At the beginning I was so eager to start, that I didn't think of the structure of my garden first.
Good luck, and remember, babysteps !

Tara Dillard said...

In the garden:

1. One focal point per area.

2. Replace most perennials with flowering shrubs.

3. Use only pots so fabulous they can remain empty.

4. Is every 'thing' in your garden so wonderful it will be fought over at your estate sale? Why have it otherwise?

5. If you can't get rid of something take it off display and rotate what is on display in your garden.

6. Get your wheelbarrow and go thru your garden. Fill with things to donate.

7. Get rid of plants not paying their rent. They must be beautiful most of the year & low maintenance. No watering, chemicals, no pruning.

8. Have a trusted gardening friend to lunch and a walk thru of your garden. Ask what they think could be taken away. See it thru their eyes.

9. Have an open garden for a large group. (My garden seems to improve when I sign up for an open garden.)

10. Take pictures of your garden. Are they timeless? Worthy of a book cover? See your garden thru the camera lens. It helps me get rid of things.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Ewa said...

Carole, thank you for visit and advice - it's very helpful. Especially making a list is the point I need to follow, because after working for some time in the garden I tend to forget, what should go where.
Hope to see you again here.

Ewa said...

When I red once on your blog a post about low maintenance garden and shrubs instead of perennials - I liked this idea a lot.
This is so simple and so 'genial'!
Thanks a lot.

Victoria Cummings said...

Ewa - These are such great comments that I'm going to follow them myself! I can only add that this is the perfect time to declutter the garden. I just pulled out several wheelbarrows of plants gone out of control. I'm thinking of you today on our Thanksgiving, and appreciating our friendship! Good luck with your project and do keep us updated on it.

Kate said...

Hi Ewa. I follow a little guideline I once read about.... everything in the garden should have 3 uses. For example... pretty, attracts bees and hides the fence. It is no good having something that hides the fence but which does nothing else. It is no good have a plant that attracts bees but is ugly. It is fun looking at the garden in this way. Good luck!