April 17, 2010

Capucijner peas sprouted!

Capucijner blue pod peas Ezetha's Krombek is a heirloom variety - I sow it on Sunday, 6 days ago, just almost not covered by the soil. Some seeds like this one on picture appeared on the surface after watering. It doesn't seem to be dusturbed by too much light - I can see no difference in sprouting between those covered. Look closely at the picture - can you see the stem and the root coming exactly from the same point? One grows up, second grows down - fascinating!   

Surprised with the speed of sprouting - I expected little longer time. The shorter the better. This will give them good start on the windowsill and right after they will get 2-3 pairs of leaves, I will deadhead them and transplant to garden to container and new veggie patch which is being prepared.  

I went this year for Ezetha's Krombek - blue pod peas. This is an old heirloom variety originating approx. 1600 from the period when improving peas was one the most popular pastime by Capuchin monks in Holland and nothern Germany. This kind of blue pod peas is hardy and disease resistant, largely-seeded and lovely color brown-greyish.

Soak the seeds in water for 2-3 hours just before sowing. 

It will grow this interesting peas in my garden thanks to generosity of Partick - seed swap is great!

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Jeanne Henriques said...

I love your photographs...the clarity is wonderful. Your love for what you do shines thru!


Sprout said...

What beautiful photos! Makes me wish I had a spot to grow peas in!!