June 9, 2013

15 Photos of the Modern City Garden in Warsaw

I always love to return to this beautiful modern city garden and see what's new ideas appeared. The owners Danusia & Tomek don't stop in achieving the best results.
Well maintained city garden is a magnificent retreat from long working hours.
Main theme - acidic soil loving plants. Tall spruces grow here long enough to make the soil acidic, thus perfect for rhodies, azaleas, hydrangeas. 
I was showing this garden already 5 years ago, so jump here to see the difference and how it has improved.

This dry and hot part of the garden is planted charmingly with miscanthus and late tulips. Doesn't it make great spring combo? It complements perfectly rusty modern garage, which is on the right side. 

Cramming different kind of plants here wouldn't make the same effect.  There was wisteria growing here before - I admit it was good decision to replace it with this charming composition.
I wonder how it looks in the summer while miscanthus gets bigger. 

See the rusty garage in the backround? Miscanthus/tulip combo is on the left side, at the gray wall.


Angie's Recipes said...

A very beautiful garden! I would love to visit it!

Mark and Gaz said...

An inspirational modern living space there Ewa!

Julia Yohe said...

I've seen the photos of this garden last 2008 and I was really amazed. Now, you can really see the big difference they've made to make it more beautiful. The photos are really amazing! I wish I could see the real thing someday. :-D

Kat Bradshore said...

Hi Ewa,

I love your photos especially those beautiful flowers! I also have miscanthus in my garden. It's really pretty during summer. I’m also planning to plant tulips. Anyway, I wish I can visit that place. ;-)

CEM MANIAS said...

Absolutamente fantástico!

Otto Hip Hop Cloth said...

Beautiful photos!!;)