September 1, 2013

How to convince lavender and perovskia to self-seeding

If they like growing conditions you choose for them, they will self-seed like crazy.

My lavender and perovskia self-seed after I have changed my attitude. 

My 7-8 years old lavender looks neat if pruned 2-3 times a year.  Otherwise it gets too messy, but it takes little pruning to get it to proper condition. 

This is this year earliest self-seeded seedling. It's already pretty big. Not pruned yet.

 Perovskia got the hot place, but I have a feeling it is too big here - I will think where to move it. One of them is the plant that self-seeded 4 years ago. You may see it here.

This perovskia seedling appeared mid spring - it's already 10 cm tall. The hot area there was not enough - it had to be under the stone to get more heat.

And this surprising and not so surprising combo - lavender and perovskia this year seedlings appearing together.

There are 3 conditions lavender and perovskia need to self-seeding freely and willingly, if you want more than you already have:
-       Change the spot for the one they love: hot and arid. Choose the hottest spot in your garden.
-      Don't collect all flowers, leave some of them to make your lavender produce and then scatter the seeds.
-       In the early summer and mid-summer don’t be too fast to weed around the plants. Let the small plants grow until you make sure they are not lavender or perovskia. Some of them appear really late – like July.  

Good luck!

Have a nice weekend!


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Bec said...

My lavender self seeds too, but I think it's from the compost I have added to the garden, I'm excited to hear the perovskia self seeds as I have only just purchased this plant but would love to have more.