August 9, 2013

Sustainable cottage spotted in Netherlands

Why not to get outside the box thinking about place where we live? You could free yourself from bank mogul’s slavery of mortgage by choosing to build a sustainable home. A house that building cost can range between $300 to $40,000 and maintenance costs are also much lower than with standard house.I don't mean recycled greenhouses, I mean the house we can live in.

In my perception low-cost, eco-friendly home is not only an economical choice, but it’s a lifestyle choice. Whether you choose earthen house or off-grid cabin or a house made of recycled shipping containers – it’s a statement of choice and non-conventional thinking.
Have a look at this proposal – this is a house that teaches what can be done in the house to make it more sustainable. You can apply those ideas in your own house or search for different solutions that will better suit your lifestyle.

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