April 21, 2015

Impressive Dogwood Sibirica Hedge

I have a chance to admire this hedge for last few weeks and every time I am passing by I simply have to take a minute to take a closer look.

Since first little fluorescent green buds appeared on the red wood of that variety of  dogwood (Cornus alba) Sibirica, entire hedge is really  showing off.       

Deciduous hedges have one big defect – their leaves are disappearing in the winter time. But at the same time there is one bigger advantage. If the shrub is chosen properly it offers alternating attractive look in different seasons. This variety of dogwood seems to be really  good  choice for hedge.
If on the top you will find the time and will to shape it, then the effect can be double attractive in the winter as well.

In the spring it also blooms in white.
Just don’t be tempted to plant one or two shrubs, because there will be no effect at all.

My apologies go to dogwood, cos I have underestimated you for years…

Happy weekend gardening!

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Bushman said...

I also like the dogwoods with the yellow branches. Almost neon in color. here we call them yellow-twig and red-twig dogwoods. Very popular shrubs.

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