May 18, 2008

Deal with Mother Nature

Few days ago I saw this enchanting view and got thrilled at the same time. One dandelion clock is producing hundred seeds - can you imagine how many seeds will fly away from this place? I didn't have to imagine. My mind was prepared and ready - I have imagined this picture before.

One of the three fire-breathing dragons, that burn the creativity of mind is fear. Three dragons? I liked that idea :) Reading article, that I have linked, made me understand more about myself and human nature.

For last 3 years I feared this kind of view in my garden: my garden covered with dandelion clocks. My garden! That I have spend so many hours on making it a more beautiful place (in my understanding), will be taken over by dandelions? No, no, no, I disagreed with Mother Nature. She wanted them here and there - rather different places than I could think of. At that time Mr Dandelion was the King of my garden.

I decided to gently invite it to different areas, rather outside of my own garden. I used my hands to pass over the invitation :)
Here we go! One after one.. gazillions... not replanted, no. Removed.
Sometimes I was going out, seeing the unexpected dandelion clock and I had kind of panic attacs! My fear was showing me pictures exactly like these included in my post - taken in Warsaw few days ago....

Slowly I managed to remove all of them, but since 3 years I was carrying a hidden aversion or rather fear that naturally they will invade again.

Until last weeks, when I have met a group of people loving dandelions. I got curious, what do they see? I went to the meadow next to our property and took a closer look. Then I made dandelion syrup, that taste delicious! Since then I feel much better :) I am not scared to see dandelions growing in my garden - tame your enemy by getting closer to it, right?

Little sad, that now is too late for dandelion syrup... yes. If you still have a chance, try to make it it tastes great! Recipe available here :)


Gail said...


This is wonderful post. You have made the humble Dandelion spiritual....and manageable. I like the tame your enemy by getting close to it philosophy you have embraced.

I did so like the photos, too.


Anonymous said...

Ewa, what a lovely photo. I love Dandelions. Thank you for visiting my blog and for answering my fertilizer question--I very much appreciate it. Have a wonderful week!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love to see them in the wild but not so many in my garden. I want to try the syrup. Maybe next year.

Surya said...

Great idea, to make a drink from dandelion.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

It's great that you have overcome your fear of dandylions. I did it by naming one of my sweet Russian Blue kittens after the plant and then I could not stop smiling when I saw one as they reminded my of my own sweet Dandy Lion.

I'm very interested in that recipe, come on, spill the beans!

BTW lovely pics, as usual!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ewa .. that was a very therapeutic post ! ..the same saying as "keep your friends close but your enemies closer " ? .. I just came in from our garden using an awesome mechanical weeder that grips the dandelion from the tap root up ! .. but the child in me still makes wishes if a seed head is available ? LOL
Your pictures are quite beautiful .. the light is soft and hazy .. very pretty and relaxing actually ... when we don't worry about what will happen next ? : )

Victoria Cummings said...

Ewa - I'm having a brain lapse - Did I tell you that there's an award waiting for you on my blog? Please come and pick it up - and if I said this already, I'm sorry, it's been a confusing week around here.

Anonymous said...

Nice view.