January 1, 2009

5 top best evergreen landscaping winter plants, suitable up to zone 4.

In the winter garden, after green leaves are long gone, garden tells you whether you planned it properly and whether there is still green plants that can cheer up your soul.

From my experience I found out, that there is 5 best performing, evergreen, carefree plants, that keep beautiful green colour all winter long and you can't miss to plant in your garden. 5 top plants for maximum effect in winter garden and with minimum work.

1. Buxus (Boxwood) - This shrub looks beautiful all year round. There are different types - some are more suitable for small evergreen hedges and topiaries ("English" - B. sempervirens "Suffruticosa"), taller ones ("American" - B. sempervirens) are better for higher use. There is known 90 species and more than 150 cultivars known, so much different in form and foliage. You can learn more about Boxwood from the website of American Boxwood Society.

2. Hebe - evergreen, grow in perfectly round shape naturally, don't require trimming. Lower temperatures may be harmful. All types and kinds you will find at The Hebe Society.

3. Holly (Ilex aquifolium and Ilex x meserveae) - There is many species (sources say from 300 to 800) and I grow just one of them Ilex meserveae "Blue Boy", that doesn't grow red berries. I am planning to add I. meserveae "Blue Girl" to get more red berries for winter color. They are highly toxic, so beware if there are small kids at your home.

4. Firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea) - Not only low maintenance, but also drought resistant, so it makes it great plant to grow close to picea. Suggested uses: city, wallsides. Drought tolerant, good for hedgings and screens, resistant to pollution. Position: partial or full shade or full sun.

5. Yew (Taxus baccata Repandens) - evergreen, dark green foliage throughout the year, small, spherical with horizontal branches, grows up to 1 m height and 3 m width. It regenerates great after pruning, so you can get as creative as you feel. Looks beautiful planted together with deciduous azalea.

Further recommended reading Landscaping Ideas that Work (Taunton's Ideas That Work)


Zoë said...

Great selection, I love all of them and have at least one of each in my garden, although I have several Box and Holly plants, they are such good structure plants, and the birds love them.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very good choices Ewa. I also like your new header pictures.

Commonweeder said...

Beautiful plants. I have very few evergreens, but am trying to become more familiar with them and the way they can be used. Beautiful photos.

Joost van Schaik said...

I am more of the 'abundant flower' type so basically my garden looks cr*p after the first frost, but that's something I have to accept as a result of my personal gardening style.

Having said that, I think that talking about evergreens I would never miss 3 types of plants that are more or less evergreens:

1 Evergreen rhodondendrons
2 Viburnum Tinus
3 Jasminum nudiflorum

Not only are they evergreen, but they flower as well! The last two even in the depth of winter! But I am not sure if all of them meet climate zone 4 demands, although I am fairly sure of rhodondendrons.

And I have a lot of box in the garden, which basically stems from my wife's obsession with propagating box ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting ready to plant a live hedge. I need to make a choice on what plants to use. I may do a combination and some that you have listed will be included. I like pyracantha and it would keep the neighbors dog out of my yard. I may plant them on his side.:)

Victoria Cummings said...

Ewa - Happy New Year and all the best in 2009!

Susan aka Miss. R said...

Happy New Year Ewa! I can use some of these plants in our gardens, but many, like the Taxus are favorite deer food. Buxus is a staple around here! Other options might be two American natives Magnolia virginiana and Kalmia latifolia varieties--both deer resistant!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ewa! I've never seen that color pyracantha before! I must research. The bright red one is in abundance here. The holly is beautiful. Happy New Year, dear!

Visual Vamp said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.
Your blog is looking very spiffy!
xo xo

Anonymous said...

Dear Ewa - the shrubs look great and thanks for the inspiration.

Can you help me? I am looking to buy bird feeders and bird food but have never found anything in Warsaw (see link to UK webi\site with examples http://www.gardenbird.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-GBS-Site/default/Default-Start). Do you know anywhere in Warsaw this type of stuff can be bought from?

All the best for 2009

stadtgarten said...

Thanks a lot for these informations and links. I love all these plants!
I hope you had a good start into the new year!
All the best for 2009, Monika

Ewa said...

Dear David,
Great wooden bird feeders are available in Leroy - just saw them 3 days ago. Other construction markets should also have it.
Those plastic tubes - haven't seen in the shops - only at http://www.allegro.pl/search.php?sg=0&string=karmnik
Happy New Year!

Kylee Baumle said...

Great post, Ewa. Textures of green are very important in a garden, no matter what the season. You've chosen some great ones for winter!

Anonymous said...

i have just fell in love with the buxus... so gorgeous... woaw..

i will be googling it tonight...

lanscaping said...

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lanscaping said...

This will surely work. At this time and age, securing our home does not begin and end with securing our house. It should start outside the house, and the best place there is, our garden.