January 3, 2009

Odontonia Samourai - fragrant orchid


Do you think it is beautiful? I couldn't resist to buy it, because when I smelled it, I discovered it is fragrant! Just to make sure, I asked my friend that was shopping with me and after she confirmed, there was no other way - only to cashier!
After coming home, I was so happy, I sniffed the flowers and ...all the scent was gone!!
I suspected the shop tricked me or plant is in shock.
Kathryn on Twitter told me, that it could smell at certain hours of the day - and she was right! Thank you!!.
This orchid is NOT fragrant only in the evening. Scent is very delicate.

It came labelled Cambria, but after comparing many sources and many pictures, I am sure it is misabelled. This is also mentioned in some sources, that producer labelled Odontonia by mistake as Cambria.

Odontonia is intergenera hybrid and easy to take care of - recommended for beginners (same level as Phalaenopsis).

Any other fragrant orchid kind you know and would like to recommend?


Anonymous said...

It is very beautiful Ewa, - I can understand why you had to have it :)

Anonymous said...

I like the rich color...even better it is easy to grow.

Country French Antiques said...

Very beautiful indeed!
Maybe I should try one of those. I don't have much luck indoors, but I love orchids :)
Wish I could smell it.
Have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!

Angela (In the Cottage Garden) said...

I had seen you Tweet about this--so interesting! It's neat to see a photo. Very pretty! Loved your evergreen plant list post, too.
~Angela :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice rich color. Good luck, I've killed so many orchids so I try not to buy them anymore!

mr_subjunctive said...

Oncidium 'Sharry Baby' is also fragrant, and smells like really good chocolate; it's another one that is only scented for part of the day.

Zygoneria 'Adelaide Meadows' also has a scent, which I thought smelled like lilacs / petunias, but I couldn't get anybody at work to agree with me.

Katarina said...

Ewa, it's stunning! I can very well understand why you bought it...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is a beauty whether it is fragrant or not.

Liisa said...

That orchid is beautiful!! I tried orchids several years ago, and didn't have much luck, but they have crept back into my house once again. :0 I couldn't help myself. I'll have to keep my eye out for this one!!
Thank you for picking my post!!

Anonymous said...

My Zygopetalum is very fragrant (it smells of nutmeg) and is another orchid which is easy to grow.
I also have a yellow Palaenopsis which is fragrant (wonder if it is linked to that particular colour?) but none of the others are.
Your orchid is very beautiful!

Barbara said...

It's indeed a very special beauty, your orchid! Some years ago I also bought a so-called scented orchid. Like you I thought to smell it and therefore I bought it though I didn't like the color of that plant. Being at home, no scent anymore! And then a gardener told me, that some flower shops also have artificial fragrance in their rooms, giving the visitor the impression of scented flowers ;-) !!
Thank you for your good wishes which I return to you too. Have a wonderful, healthy and happy 2009!!

Victoria Cummings said...

I totally understand why you had to bring that baby home. I love orchids. My two palaenopsis have just produced new stems with lots of buds. I'm very excited.

Anonymous said...

what an unusual flower... I love it..