August 30, 2009

Sherri berry - most luxurious berries in the world

'Sherri berry' seem to be most lavish berries in the world if 6 of them cost 30$.
Do Shari's Berries from Sacramento are the most expensive strawberries we can eat?
There must be a demand also, if Shari's Berries, founded in 1989 still are in the market and doing well.
This only proves to me /again/ that our imagination is the only limitation we have. I have not expected that there can be sold somewhere a strawberry for $5. OK, chocolate berries.
I mean I am aware there is a lot of luxurious and very expensive products, but this is just lazy general thought. Only bumping on very specific information like this one, made me realise that I never thought of it before.
Probably chocolate itself and manual production made the price so high.
But have ever thought what can be the price of chocolate? The most expensive chocolate in the world according to Forbes is Danish Chocopologie by Knipschildt, cost: $2,600 per pound /€2,173 / Can$2,992 / Aus$3,500.
Summing up: berries we grow can be dipped in chocolate and become very pricey, so plant some strawberries in your garden this year, if you don't have any and simply enjoy your chocolate berries. Like we did using melted chocolate, after having a long walk in the beautiful slope garden.


vicki archer said...

They look so delicious Ewa.....I want one now and it is only breakfast time. But I guess chocolate is good at any time especially when eaten with strawberries. xv

Anonymous said...

The dressed-up berries are sort of cute and no doubt tasty, but for some of us are one more paradigm of "California Silliness."