August 30, 2009

Very berry - how to prolonge its life.

Berry lovers know the problem. You bring your precious berries home, can't eat all the same day, but the next day majority of them are gone. If you keep wondering what to do in order to prolong its life keep reading.
Thermotherapy is surprising way of prolonging life of berries, but it seems to be working and this is very precious piece of experience shared with us by Harold McGee writing for NYT. Just don't miss this very interesting article, because it helps to store yummy berries much longer that 24-48 hours.

Picture by Breno Peck


Sunita Mohan said...

Interesting! But what about change in flavour? Surely being exposed to heat must change that juicy fresh flavour, right?

Thorins Trädgård said...

In our home this aint a problem, our kids eat every litte berry at once :D


Kathryn/ said...

Wow! I had never heard this before, Ewa! Thanks for this information. I tend to prolong berries by putting them in a plastic freezer bag and freezing them until I want to use them in scones, which is where they are most apt to end up. :) But, this is a good technique and I'm glad you let us know!

Matron said...

Always useful to find ways of storing or preserving gluts of fruit and vegetables.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

The berries get eaten at my house too. No chance on them going bad. But this is good to know.

adekun said...

It's an interesting article; especially as we don't have room for inflated bags in the fridge/freezer.