April 4, 2014

Chicken-coop? NO! House for chickens!

"Home is the word reserved for the place where people live. Place where animals live are called pigsty, cowshed, stable, coop and usually they look like maximum security prisons – no windows, cold concrete floor, full of bars and chains.
For the chickens I am taking care of since 1,5 years, I have decided to build a wooden house with porch, which is the prototype of my own house.
This is traditional carpentry work, I have made with the same precision and feelings as the house I am building for myself.
Not many people know that hens can live up to 20 years, and even less people let them live that long.
With me, my birds will be watching sunsets on the porch and will die for natural causes”.  

“Home” – traditional carpentry construction by Anna Siekierska.
This is Anna’s diploma work at Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, promoter: prof. Romuald Woźniak.

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