March 17, 2014

Bird Houses - Spontaneous City

Looking at this art installation it all seems to be so organic and obvious. Like it’s always has been there and should stay there. Beautiful and practical at the same time. Promotes biodiversity and gives pleasure to look at. 

Made of several hundred bespoke bird house mounted on a tree, in style with surrounding architecture.

London Fieldworks' Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven is a project in London commissioned for the Toyal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Islington Council as part of Secret Garden Project – a program of events for lesser known green urban nooks of London.

As London Fieldworks says about themselves: “…interdisciplinary arts practice formed in 2000 by artists Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson for creative research and collaboration at the art, science and technology intersection.”

More on London Fieldworks

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Happy Gardening!



Anonymous said...

Really nice! Are they a temporary installation or are they there indefinitely?

Garden Oasis said...

Just wonderful! Artistic in it's own way and to think they also serve a natural use is inspiring

Chris said...

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