November 17, 2008

Oriental flavours and oriental furniture

Far East… scented bays, sunny streets, oriental spices waiting for you on the narrow streets, spices so fragrant, that you refuse to walk away, opulent gardens full of exotic flowers, touch of mystery… do you feel it?

Do you already want to pack your suitcase and go with me? It would be a very sensual pleasure…

Long time ago, one friend of mine asked by me, why she was not available last few days, said that she got a surprise from husband…

She came home on Wednesday after work, tired – like always. “I have a birthday present for you, but in order to see it, we need to go out. So, let’s go”.
After a short moment of not really wanting to go out again, she grabbed the purse and they left. In the car, he tied her eyes.

When he untied it – she looked around - they’ve been at the airport! 2 tickets in hand. “Honey, here is your present. Your boss knows everything, so you have next 2 days off, your suitcase is packed and here”. Could she oppose? Rather not. They have had romantic long weekend in Istanbul. Would you refuse? Me NOT!
For being clear - Istanbul is in Turkey, still in Europe, however showing wonderful flavour of orient, as for centuries it was for Europe THE gate to Far East.

That is a true story from the times I used to live in Sweden. I remembered it, when I bounced lately on beautiful website with eastern furniture. You may see it here lombok.

My attention was caught not only by beautiful interior pictures – it wouldn’t be me otherwise - but also by the furniture itself, especially by drawers, four poster beds, dining chairs and occassional chairs.

Do you know that oriental furniture has special scent coming from the wood used for production. I am used to furniture made of pine, oak, acacia and beech. Sometimes woods are unexpected, it could be boxwood (Buxus), Cinnamonum camphora, Robinia pseudoaccacia, Phoebe nees, Walnut, Ulmus plus tropical hardwoods: hongmu, huanghuali, jichimu, tieli wood, ebony, zitan and some others. No idea, of what are made those pieces on the pictures, that's a pity - I couldn't find it on their website.

So if you plan to redecorate, maybe oriental design, could be something to consider… It doesn’t require to fully add to the house oriental style, c’mon – such pieces of furniture look so authentic and classy - they go great together also with some modern pieces and fully modern style.

These xms decorations are also soo nice, right?

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

This furniture gives a very relaxing atomosphere. I would faint if my husband did something like this. What a fairy tale.

Millie said...

Such a lovely post Ewa! One of my favourite pieces of furniture in our house is an old Korean cabinet. It is dark wood & has lovely brass fittings. I use it as an armoire for our television (just close the recessed doors & the T.V. disappears) & the bottom part stores the DVD player behind another set of doors. I've had for almost 25 years & love it more than ever.
Millie ^_^

Webradio said...

Good atmosphere...

Lovely post Ewa !

See You later !

garden girl said...

Beautiful photos Ewa!

Your friend is very lucky! What a romantic husband!

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Beautiful, great photos with gorgeous items. Just lovely post Ewa / Tyra

Rose said...

I love the photo with the hydrangea in the window. I had a professor in college who was from Vietnam. She invited us all to her house for lunch at the end of the term, and her home was filled with beautiful furniture, mainly teak.

I'm like Lisa, though; if my husband did this, I would faint or wonder if I was with the right man:)

Pat said...

Lovely tour.
Everything is so pretty.
You are an amazing photographer.
Maybe someday I'll get there. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post Ewa - The furniture is beautiful too, and so is Turkey which I visited a few years ago.

Unknown said...

Dark wood always suggests the exotic. Pair it with low-level furniture for an invitingly comfortable feel. To create a fresher look, replace the imperial shades of Chinese yellow and deep red with a harmonious blend of pink and sage.
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Barbara said...

Asian (Korean, Japanes and Chinese furniture is quite "in" nowadays here too. I like it combined together with modern furniture. And how did you like Istanbul as a city? I was fascinated when I visited the first time more than 30 years ago....