September 27, 2015

25 Photos of Casa Amarela, Organic Mediterranean Garden

Casa Amarela rocks! This organic garden, located marvelously, on the hill with the view to Atlantic Ocean, I have visited early in the morning. Rumor had it that this organic garden was worth to visit.

This 2 000 m2 is run completely environmentally friendly without using any chemicals. That doesn’t mean that the plants do not get sick.

They do, but instead of reaching for chemicals, Anna, the owner of the garden and Nuno Silva, the gardener and the co-creator of this amazing garden, are checking the overall growing conditions and diagnose the possible reasons causing the trouble. Then they talk to the plants and appeal to their common sense, because as we all gardeners know, plants need to be talked to. After some time if the plant does not alter the view and dies, so be it. Everything passes. Every plant and every one of us.

I have asked what is the secret of maintaining such a beautiful garden in an environmentally sound manner, Anna has mentions 3 main factors. As most important she mentioned soil mulching, then matching the requirements of plants and fast response to the first symptoms with correcting the growing conditions.

Indeed, throughout the garden there is not a bare patch of land, every little surface is covered. With what? All cuttings and clippings that are left over the garden maintenance are used for mulching. In addition to the known benefits of mulching, as maintaining more stable conditions of the soil, using material from own garden you are sure that it is healthy and not infected, which cannot be said about mulching materials from the garden shops.

For Anna keeping the garden organically it is quite natural, because in the family, both my mother and grandmother always were gardening the same way, so she’s got patience and organic approach in the blood.

The owner of the garden, Anna is sitting in the middle, on the left Nuno Silva, the gardener and co-creator of the garden, myself on the right.

Thank you Anne for this beautiful experience and the tour!

Ecological, organic garden, run in natural way, without the use of chemicals can be beautiful and foremost is healthy for us, our little brothers and the Planet.

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