December 23, 2013

3 x NEW - Starting New Life with New Style in New Year

Today is my Birthday. I am 18 again. My new life starts today. This is what will happen. I know. I am going to re-create myself to get ready for my great life.

On the photo there is myself on the left and a friend of mine on the right. We had a styling session at Dior - it was make-up refreshment, transforming and free!
This season is great time to clean-up the closets, throw away old and new pieces don't favour your beauty - exactly what I am doing now. 

What about YOU? What is your plan for the rest of your life? What is youe choice?

Happy Winter Solstice! Its still on for the  next 3 days, don't miss its power.

Planting Tulips December Call

Normally it’s winter here at this season. Usually it’s snowing and freezing as well. Not this year. Temperature is in plus. Grass is green. And I will use this time to move some plants around the garden and plant bulbs longing for soil since weeks. Life kept me too busy to find time. I have it now. 
Any unusual garden chore you are doing now? 

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!


December 21, 2013

DIY Candle Powered Heater just 10 Cents per Day

Human creativity doesn't stop to surprise me. This super easy to make candle powered heater could be a great solution while in troubles. Just have a look: It's only 4 minutes.

If you look for more information, jump over here

December 13, 2013

13 Best Window Box Ideas

Photo by nizoz

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Photo by msprague

Photo by caitlinburke

Photo by melolou

Photo by jim-sf

Photo by meg_nicol

Photo by Chiot's Run

Photo by Chiot's Run

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Photo by smilla4

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Further recommended reading The Window Decorating Book

December 6, 2013

DIY Garden Bottle Lanterns - Pretty and on Penny Budget

When autumn days are getting shorter, every little beam of light in the garden is welcome.
A good choice to beautify the veranda, garden paths or a romantic table are handmade bottle-lanterns.  This decoration is safe, its preparation will make us a lot of joy and warm, flickering flames of candles will improve our mood immediately.

To prepare lanterns you will need

-          empty milk or kefir bottles
-          knife for cutting glass
-          sandpaper
-          clear multi-purpose glue
-          colorful autumn leaves
-          tealights

How to

Cut off the bottom of the bottle using knife for cutting glass. Put the bottle in the sink and carefully pour a small amount of boiling water into the bottle - the glass will break and the bottom will fall off. Grind the edges of the bottle with sandpaper. Be sure to wear safety gloves while doing this.
Prepare fresh, colorful autumn leaves. Stick them to the outer side of the bottle. You can mix red and yellow leaves so the final effect will be even more beautiful. Carefully glue the edges of each leaf. Leave for 24 hours to let it dry. Dried glue should create air bubbles!

Space of the tealights, cover them with lanterns and wait for the evening to come. Ta-dah!
It's also a great idea for upcoming Halloween!

Author of this post: Łukasz Skop that is blogging at Bez Ogrodek or see at FB