December 13, 2020

7 Tips How to Improve Your Garden Style - DIY

This year you probably will feel like spending more time outside than inside of your home. And even if you haven’t planned too many changes in your garden, let me share with you some easy ideas that will make your garden looking best in your neighbourhood.

# 1 Plan Magnificent Entrance to Your Garden

This is the moment when your guests get first impression. Let them be in awe. Plant two same variety trees on both sides of the entrance. Decide for slow growing conifers to make it attractive all year round.  They will embrace the path to the garden.
Before you decide where to lay the entry path to the garden, have a look from the distance of approx. 10 meters and see what is the view behind between two embracing plants. Why is that important? Two embracing plants will naturally focus yours and your guests view exactly between them, so plan excellence accordingly.
This entrance will say “Hello” before you will make it.

# 2 Make your Fence More Attractive by Adding Flowering Fragrant Vines.

Any fence will be more attractive, especially at the entrance, or wherever you decide if you plan for a living fence. This is also adding purpose to your plants.
Make sure this are not annual vines, because you don’t want add yourself unnecessary work. Pick vines that don’t grow fast – they may easily grow out of control and you will not like it in few years.

# 3 You Don’t Have a Terrace or Patio? I am Sure you Want a Stylish One.

Adding a patio/terrace or styling the existing one makes huge difference to overall impression of the garden. You may do it by yourself, or you may let others do it for you. Cost of laying a patio is less than you might expect, but the difference it makes in the garden and your leisure experience in the garden is outstanding.
Can you imagine more romantic light than string lights hanging above that create the cosy  atmosphere as it gets slowly darker outside.

# 4 Don’t Forget Patio Containers

Few fabulous outdoor containers will style your garden and patio. You may buy them or make them yourself – doesn’t matter, just remember to keep them all in similar style or  when you group them in the garden let them be grouping in similar style.

# 5 Plant Trees and Shrubs in the Containers

When you think about planting in containers, forget annuals or if you can’t live without them, mix them with other kind of plants: shrubs and small trees. Look what they can offer, bright foliage in early spring or subtle textures.  Then tuck in some violas or nasturtiums, that later in the summer you could toss in your salad.

# 6 Grow Fragrant Herbs

On the kitchen window or close to your porch plant some fragrant herbs, so it will be easy to snip and tuck them into your grilled dishes, soups or salads. They will be eye candy as  well as heaven for your taste buds.

# 7 Why Not Inviting Self-seeding Annuals

Amazing red poppies, intricate ferns become easily friends in the scattered sunlight of a meadow. Then poppies will be self-seeding and stay as perennials, but you may add also annuals and get similar natural effect.