June 17, 2015

Algarve - Vegetable garden - Day 15

This little vegetable garden in Algarve seems to be growing, but at its own pace. I am not sure how, in this heat, the veggies will be doing, but so far it seems that some of them do better, some of them not so excellent.

I see that tomatoes and peppers are adjusting longer than expected – probably because when I bought them they were pretty big in size, but roots were kept small. They were sown and growing in seeding trays, where the amount of soil is really little, so the roots had no chance to grow freely.  Nevertheless tomato plants seem to get thicker, which is a good sign. No opinion on pepper plants yet. Little bigger, but no real change.

Cucumbers –  seedlings planted on the top of the photo on the left will have their first flowers! Yipeee! I wonder if they will taste better than those from the shops. I think, that Portugese have no idea what is a great cucumber (sorry friends!). In about two weeks we will know.

Note to myself – maybe next time buy smaller tomato/pepper seedlings.

Seedlings vs sowing seeds

Look at the first row from the right. Two plants on the bottom are courgette “Diamond” sown from seeds, next plants in a row are melons planted as seedlings. In those two weeks melon seedlings didn’t grow that much, as they are still adjusting, while 2 of the 3 courgette’s seeds  sprouted and seem to be faster and already slightly bigger than melons.

New veggies

3rd row from the right – new broccoli seedlings planted.

2nd row from the left – new lettuce seedlings planted, for having constant supply, planting or sowing in 2 week periods would be enough, I think.

Rows in the middle – radishes “Malaga” and yellow string beans “Golden Saxa” starting from seeds.

Apart from that? I have already picked some lettuce twice, third one is on the photo below. Just in two weeks from planting seedlings.

Bon Appetit!

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Algarve - Vegetable Garden - Day 1
Algarve - Vegetable Garden - Day 2

June 11, 2015

Searching for a missing doggie in Algarve!!!

Her name is Misia, she got missing few days ago. Owners in tears!!!
If you see her somewhere around Loule or Frankeada, let me know by mail ewamariasz [at] gmail.com.

June 8, 2015

Starting new vegetable garden in Algarve - Day 2

After making the plan of companion planting, I have decided to go two ways.

First, to buy ready seedlings to make the vegetable garden producing sooner.

Second, to use seeds in order to prolong the produce by at least 3 months and to grow vegetables that I haven't seen the seedlings on the market.  

As you have seen, the irrigation system was placed before planting. In the days like now, when the temperatures are at their 30-ies they are watered 3 time a day for a week, to make them established. After seedlings will get get used to new environment and their roots will firmly catch the soil, 2 times a day would be enough.
Current watering times: 6 am, 3 pm, 10 pm.    

Not all the rows are used yet, because I will be adding new seed sowing every 7 days in order to get the  produce ready for harvesting at different tomes. I don't want to have all the vegetables to be ready at the same time, because we would not be able to eat them all at the same time. Veggies will arrive when they are needed :) not when they want to be ready.

June 3, 2015

Starting new vegetable garden in Algarve - Day 1

I am staying for 6 weeks here in Algarve in friend's house, so I decided to establish experimental vegetable garden.
The space is not too big, just 23 m2 - which is enough for 2-3 people.
Look at the photo, this poor soil which looks like sand, but is hard as rock. It needs to get softened with organic matter to feed the veggies.

I have ordered 400 liters of  manure and it will be dug into the soil. Actually double amount is needed, but let's see what will happen. We will be improving the soil with time, season after season bringing it back to the proper culture. 

The irrigation system is already there - 11 lines, means 11 lines to grow. You can't grow vegetables here in the Algarve without it, because of  strong sun and high temperatures.   
I would prefer freestyle sowing, as this saves space, but if you don't have what you like, you like what you have - right?

I will plant following veggies and herbs:
- different kinds of tomatoes,
- peppers,
- dill,
- cucumbers,
- cilantro,
- salvia,
- beans,
- lettuce,
- courgette,
- melons,
- basil green and red,
- chives,
- vine and maybe raspberries.

Now I need to seat down and make proper plan concerning companion planting, so each vegetable can benefit from the company of another nearby planted veggie.

Would you like to see my plan?