February 26, 2010

Name that plant originating from Canary Islands - help needed

Again your help is needed in finding out what is the real name of this drought liking plant with its own history.

2 years ago I watched my friend’s joy while she was building a conservatory. This idyllic place provided shelter in the winter time to all wonderful plants she has ever fell in love with while being on vacation on Canary Islands, Madeira or Malta. This used to be a beautiful conservatory until snow started to melt last weekend, when she was away and not expecting something like this to happen. 1 cubic meter of snow weights 250 kg, but when it starts to melt and gets wet, it can reach 900 kg. Last week, under the weight of snow the glass rooftop have collapsed and fell inside, burying majority of plants in the snow. Luckily nobody was hurt.
The conservatory was repaired today, but poor plants have died in the cold. She will try to retrieve the collection – she knows majority of them, but there is mysterious one – we can’t name it. Here are the pictures taken before the accident. Do you know by any chance what’s the name of this broadleaf, hairy, drought loving cutie?

Help found :) Thank so much! This is Kalanchoe beharensis from Madagascar

February 14, 2010

Flowers of Winter - GBBD February 2010

This month for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I have 3 plants that make my winter more bearable. It snows again. They forcast snowing for 6 next weeks! I can't believe it! 
First is kalanchoe, low care plant and persistent bloomer in winter.

My poinsettia is doing pretty well - these are her last days this winter - I am going to stop watering, remove all leaves and make her dormant - so next winter she is again happy and greeting xms with me.

This succulent is blooming since December - constantly. Stem with flowers gets longer and longer, and new flowers open.Small flowers are pretty too :)
GBBD is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden - so if you are interested, just hop over there to see blooms from all over the world.

February 9, 2010

Long winter - 40 days under snow

This year they were right - this is long winter. We are constantly under snow for more than 40 days already and weather forcast says there is no clear end visible yet. My 70 years old mom predicts, that snow will stay at least until half of March.
Picture was taken early morning, when I jumped out the house to pick up some documents from friend, that is kind enough to drive by in this tough winter conditions.
I have read recently very interesting article in NYT about people who live in chilly conditions - hop over to not miss it.
After moving 6 years ago from the city to countryside, low temperatures was something most difficult to get used to - chill sneaking everywhere is so different from overheated city appartments, but I guess it is better for health and beauty.
I remember a story about very famouse and very beautiful Polish general's wife (General Zajaczek), living in XIX century. Her beauty and number of young lovers was legandary. When she was asked, how being over 70 she is able to keep such great condition and maintain her beauty, she used to say that she always sleeps in cold bedroom with buckets filled with ice placed under her bed.
Ha? Can you beat that?

February 5, 2010

Gardening shoes - casting

My old gardening shoes are green, used and hmmm... little boring. Standard shoes offer in the shops is exactly the same: green and boring, so when I started gardening 6 years ago I got standard gardening shoes.
Now, when I grew with my garden during the last 6 years, we are getting to different next level, so more color and more style is highly appreciated.
I make casting for new ones for new season - see on the picture, I spotted them recently and don't know which one to choose... or maybe I shall look little more and find something more fancy? What do you think?