March 28, 2008

Tiny spring beauties.Winter go away! That's enough!

We have real merry-go-round: winter! spring! winter! SPRING?? let's assume SPRING - even if the snow appears sometimes. Snow that we didn't have in the winter AT ALL.

Today I focus on tiny plants in my garden, but very charming. On the picture above: chionodoxa luciliae - bulb plant, once planted stays in the soil and blossoms beautifully every spring.

Primula dentata - graceful shape and round flower, that is to come on the picture.

Pulsatilla - cotton flowers are about to be open. Even before opening they look little unreal.

Pushkinia libanotica - not very popular, but so cheering in early spring garden. Once you plant the bulbs, they stay there and every year there is more flowers appearing.

Scilla sibirica - on the picture with pulmonaria - also blue, also from bulb and also dependable bloomer in early spring.

March 27, 2008

Wrrrrrr.... argh! uh-ooh!

I was visiting my friend yesterday evening. It was snowing little since late afternoon. I decided to take bicycle to the station. LOOK what greeted me when I stepped out of the train. My bike under snow and FROZEN.
Biking on the snow? why not! great fun while trying to not loose balance :)

My garden totally overtaken by fairy tale mood.
I was expecting a FAIRY appearing suddenly...

... and asking me WHAT's the BIGGEST dream of your life?

... what would I say?

What, hell, would I say?
Last week I have drawn MY DREAMS. What came out? Interesting enough: beach, sun, water, table with drinks, palm trees, butterflies - what feeling what overwhelming after drawing it? Freedom and full EASE.
Try to do it. Take a piece of paper and pencil and/or pastels. Try to draw your dreams.
Maybe idea sounds bit odd, but if yoy try - results may surprise you.
That would be your FAIRY telling you what you want.

March 23, 2008

Happy Easter :)

March 19, 2008

We are drowning - Gardeners unite!

That is the name of the campaign by Green Korea United (South Korea) for awareness of global warming effect. Authors Daehong Communications in Seoul.

I found it very appealing and awakening the imagination, so I share it with you. Can you see the humans' face and hand?
It is very dramatic - isn't it?

Full headline "We are drowning - rescue us from global effect".

Every one of us can help in stopping the process - right?
This weekend I will make the review of my own 'ecology status' to see how can I improve it :)
Will You?
This way I would like to start with you the new tradition of regular review of what we gardeners are doing in order to make the footprint smaller.
This is international - me from Poland, inspired by campaign made in Korea :) And you - potential contributors, spread wide in the globe :)
Let's look for ideas. Every one who will make a post about it, please leave the message here.
Let's put deadline for that and it will be 15th of April.
I will wrap all OUR ideas to a Green Gardening Guidelines to all fellow gardeners who are looking for ideas how to make their gardening more green :)
How FUN and IMPORTANT sounds that?

March 15, 2008

Blooms of March

This pink erica is the new arrival in my garden. My garden is missing some color January-March and this cute volunteer will fill that gap. It did not volunteer exactly :) I was not polite enough to ask that question.
This post is a contribution to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - tradition started by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

When I took it out from pot for planting today I saw how roots look like. They have to be pruned, to make it possible to grow roots properly. Otherwise they will develop very very slowly.

This white erica is blooming since December constantly - I just forgot about it for previous GBBD.

Second volunteer new comer. Are they not sweet? I loved the color.

Hellebores - on the picture above you see 3 plants. They are great example of how choice of not proper place is limiting the development of them. First two on the left were planted in the bright shadow - I hoped that they will get enough light. But look what happened.
1 year later I planted additional one on the right - can you see how profusely it is blooming? Number of flowers can't be compared. So I am planning to replant it and change the place for the first two.

Crocuses still in flowers...

Pulsatilla is about to bloom, but I couldn't stop myself to picture these amazing hairy buds...

Grass blooming - right? I do not rememebr the name of it. If you know please let me know.

My visit at garden shop made my very excited and I couldn't stop myself. Walking around, looking at all beauties. Thinking which one to invite to the garden. After one hour finally I decided that beside erica mentioned at the beginning, astrantia major will be going...

... and double pink asiatic lilly 'Elodie'

March 14, 2008

Naive Folk Art for garden deco

I made little window shopping today - admiring the purity and beauty of Folk Art. There just 2-3 shops selling it in Warsaw. Targetting tourists, beacuse Poles are not so much interested. Why? I wrote more about it here.

Birds on the picture above are soo cheering! If you don't feel it while looking at them - believe me... in reality they could be substitute for prozac (which is not working - BTW - scientists revealed lately).
Do you see that little white and red head in the right down corner? I missed that guy to photograph - but he still looks cute, right?

I was really close to come back home with this orange guy.... and find for him a cosy place in the garden - ha! it would look really outstanding. I am not sure if I would keep this orange color for long - I guess it would be competiting too much with the plantings.

March 13, 2008

My blog listed in USA Today

My blog is listed in USA Today - you can find the listing here.

It is listed, but not rated yet.

My friends if you could rate it for me, I would be great :)

March 8, 2008

Spring, spring, spring! tra la la la la la....

Bees also seemed to be happy today - just fully 'swimming' in pollen. If you take a closer look on bee's belly... right... you will see the pollen ball - pollen collected from the flowers. It looked pretty similar on both 'legs' (?).

Helleborus - different kinds...



Pulmonaria starts to bloom....

This anemone is simply amazing. Currently NIMG (Not In My Garden) - but maybe I will change it.