July 31, 2011

24 Beautiful Photos of Edible Landscape Ideas - Hand Picked!

Edible landscape ideas today is about beautiful, full of life kitchen gardens. Many authors of this beautiful  pictures, different approaches and different vegetable garden ideas. From very formal Villandry in France kitchen garden to very picturesque and almost graphic kitchen garden at Bohlen Residence and very informal of Hard Working Hippie.
Under each photo there is a link to more photograps of the author and information about the garden. So, if you like the photo click the link beautiful people!
Happy veggie gardening! 

Picture by Heatheronhertravels 

Picture by Kentish

Picture by Heatheronhertravel

Picture by Kentish

Picture by Burpee

Picture by Gardeninginaminute

Picture by avlxyz

Picture by Net Effect

Picture by Stewickie

Picture by Sweethardt

Picture by Gardeninginaminute

Picture by Gardeninginaminute

Picture by Gardeninginaminute

Picture by Gardeninginaminute

Picture by Gardeninginaminute

Picture by Gardeninginaminute

Picture by Gardeninginaminute

Picture by Jenny-pics

Picture by Hardworkinghippy

Picture by Elspethbriscoe

Picture by Elspethbriscoe

Picture by Thegardenbuzz

Picture by Bgblogging

Picture by ShellyS

If you would like to improve your garden to a beautiful paradise, let me help you to design it. We can work online. Contact me at ewamariasz [at] gmail [dot] com.

Happy Gardening!


July 29, 2011

Amazing cactus flowers

Cactus flowers in our climate when is given enough light and sun, which means it shoud take proudly most sunny and hot spot in the garden.  

I think this is Echinopsis oxygona - what do you THINK?

Flat big pot makes it looking more natural. 

July 21, 2011

Cascading waterfall in sloping garden at night

This view at night is breathtaking. Hostas look like they were born there. This is the place they belong ant fit perfectly. Re-designed and planted 12 months ago. 

This cascading waterfall located in my Krystyna garden in Serock (near Warsaw in Poland) is loved by fish and frogs. We watch birds coming in the morning to take bath or shower, then drying wet feathers in the sun.
If you haven't seen this beautiful sloping garden, have a look here and here.

July 19, 2011

Sloping garden lit weird

Do you remember this beautiful garden on the slope I've shown you 3 years ago here? Today you may see more pictures from that garden.
Yellowish shade comes from weird yellow light we've got over Serock on the day before stormy weather at night.

Blish light comes from lit cascade.
Here the light was even pinkish-blue! What an evening is was!

July 17, 2011

Flowers today - GBBD July 2011

Today flowers make my garden little more brighter and livelier.

Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle liked my last year very light pruning. I made it in August, when there was time for deadheading. No pruning in the Spring - only emergency removal of frost damages. This is only 1 plant - look how large it grew! Planted 6 years ago.

Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra.

Lavandula, phlox, perovskia and Lythrum salicaria. This place was mistakenly planted by me at first. You may read about here. I am happy that tall ornamental grass was exchanged with lavender. Scent is better and lower plant looks much better here. Right plant, right place - always looking for best match. You?

Phlox paniculata was supposed to be white...

Do you see perovskia aka russian sage in the front? It was rescued self-seeded plant, growing in the pavement.

Flowering giant hosta Blue Angel (slug resistant). Big, but if giant? We'll see. Planted 2-3 years ago.

The only flower of Hydrangea macrophylla.

Heavenly scented Lillium regale.

Another heavenly scented plant - this time non problematic climber Lonicera periclymenum Serotina.

Pansies are still alive, but their days are counted!

Thanks Carol for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!
My previous July entries you may see here: 2010 and 2008. Happy gardening!