Welcome Post for New Viewers

Recently I see many new viewers at Ewa in the Garden, so I would like to welcome YOU and say that I am very happy to see you coming. I hope to deliver a great reading and great pictures, so YOU decide to come back.

I would like to give you a little tour around the blog, so you will feel more comfortable in finding most valuable posts and stay in touch with me in different ways.

How to find most interesting stuff?
Archive - on the left sidebar you can see the archive of the blog, so you may search what was posted in each month since November 2007.
Searchbox - on the left top, over the header, you can see search box on the navbar. You may type any word of any subject you are interested, hit the search button and you will get the list of all posts including that word. I write about it, because I know that many people tend to not see this box and disregarding that section of the blog.
Labels - under each post there are labels. If you specifically are interested with any of them, just hit it and you will get all posts labelled with that keyword.
Best posts - you can find best posts of Ewa in the Garden on the page "Best of 2010" in menu section. 
Blogroll - there is a lot of great reading from all over the world in the blogroll on the left sidebar.

How to stay updated with the new posts on Ewa in the Garden?
RSS reader - is used to publish frequently updated blog posts in a standardized format. RSS document is called a "feed", "web feed" or "channel". It includes summarized text. You can benefit using it if you want to subscribe to timely updates. Clicking an orange RSS icon in a browser initiates the subscription process. After you subscribe to a RSS feed the reader checks the favourite blog feeds regularly (usually once a day) for new blog enties and provides it to your monitor. In order to read it you have to click yellow star on your browser (favourites) and look for boomarked feeds.
Subscribe by email - is most convenient way to get all updated, because once you enter email address, you receive notifications straight to your e-mail box once a day. After you enter your e-mail address, there is a need to confirm your subscription by clicking a link within an e-mail you will receive from feedburner. This blog is syndicating only short summary of the post. This is changing with time. If you subscribe, you will notice the change in your mail box. Unsubscribing is also easy - you can do it without any hassle anytime.
Add to favourites - add Ewa in the Garden to the list of your favourite sites (menu button on your browser), so you may return to it whenever you wish and never loose track of it.
Bloglines - this is free online service for searching and subscribing news feeds, blogs and web content. You don't need software to download or install. You just register at Bloglines and you can access your account from any computer or mobile device.
Google Reader - it checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content, whether a site updates daily or monthly. You need to register at Google Reader and add this blog to your favourites.
Whenever you log in, you will see whether new blog post has been published.
Blogger Blog List - from the Gadget list you may add Blog List to your blog and enter the link http://ewainthegarden.blogspot.com to the list of your favourites blogs. This tool tracks when new post are coming if choose option 'date of last update'.

How to Stay in Touch with Ewa ?

E-mail - if you wish to send me an e-mail, you can find my e-mail address in contact section  
Twitter - I will be more than happy if you drop by and say 'hello'
Technorati - you may read my posts on Technorati if this is more convenient.
LinkedIn - this is professional networking social website. As I am not full time blogger yet, my primary job is marketing and advertising, so if you wish, you may connect with me at LinkedIn.
Facebook - you need to register at Facebook to add me your favourite friends.

Co-operation and publication possibilites
Guest blog posts - if you are interested in making guest post on Ewa in the Garden, you are more than welcome. Send me an e-mail with your idea describing post subject and your point-of-view on how viewers of this blog will benefit from your post content. I am welcoming very valuable posts to make sure, the viewers of Ewa in the Garden will receive best quality posts.
Interview - I am offering the possibility of making an interview, that will be published on Ewa in the Garden. If you think that blogging has influenced your life, that could be a great story. I believe that blogging is a journey and it helps to progress faster in whatever subject it concerns. I am interested in examples to help others to understand what potential is in blogging.

Welcome again and thank you for visiting!

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