November 17, 2017

12 Most Inspiring Fruit Trees Espaliers

While changing your lanscape into edible garden think about formed fruit trees that are hand formed and shaped to fit even small gardens.

Have a look at these 14 inspiring  photos hand pick by myself. Let me know if you enjoy it...  
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 Photo by Sillydog

Photo by Dr Bjorn

Photo by Steeljam

Photo by Susan Reimer

Photo by JylCat

Photo by Damian Dude

Photo by Kate

Photo by Philip Bouchard

Photo by Nicholas Blake

Photo by She who must

Photo by JPMatth

If you would like to improve your garden to a beautiful paradise, let me help you to design it. We can work online. Contact me at ewamariasz [at] gmail [dot] com.

Happy Gardening!
Recommended further reading Espalier Fruit Trees For Wall, Hedge, and Pergola: Installation Shaping Care

September 20, 2017

Luxury apartments at the Lake near Warsaw, capital of Poland

Crisp Morning…. you wake up and hear the gentle whoosh of the lake and birds singing….. The silence is broken only by the sound of sailing boats crossing the water.

This can be your every day at Portico Marina, in Zegrze, only 45 minutes away by car from Warsaw, Poland.

Daily leisure, a weekend retreat, a second or holiday home, whenever you want? Apartments by the Lake is a place to leave your worries behind.

Portico Marina comprises state-of-the-art apartments directly overlooking the marina and the Zegrze Lake. It is the luxury of living in a special place. A well thought-out architectural design provides not just a stunning effect, but also effective living.

Portico Marina apartments offer a choice: be it an all-year residence, your second home or a buy-to-let investment.

With its wide-ranging amenities, relaxed atmosphere and the proximity of the city, Portico Marina delivers on a promise of etery day holiday within your reach.


The charming location of Portico Marina is just where the pleasure starts.
Apartments by the Lake embrace an architectural vision to ensure your comfort and safety every day.

The intriguing, organic form of the Portico Marina building attracts the eye, but the functionality goes well beyond the smart looks. The well thought-out architecture matches the surrounding environment and the striking facade makes Portico Marina perfectly harmonise with the green landscape of Zegrze.
Situated along the shoreline and equipped with appropriate architectural solutions, every apartment boasts a direct view of the lake.

The modern look and feel of the building is softened by natural wood cladding elements
which add a cosy touch to make your residence at Portico Marina your safe harbour.
The glazed façade on the waterfront side opens to a splendid landscape while the northern,
more built-up part, protects the privacy of the residents.
This contributes to the energy efficiency of the building as well: by reducing the cost of heating
and bringing daylight into lift halls and stairwells.

Beautiful nature and the charming lake just steps away will make every day extraordinary.
The waterfront location by the Zegrze Lake ensures that Portico Marina residents can make
the most of what the reservoir has to offer. The clean waters of the lake make Zegrze a haven for water sports lovers in the summer season.

The Portico Marina own waterside facility guarantees the comforts of a private marina and
an opportunity to take part in more than a dozen regatta events a year. The ice and snow covering the lake surface during the winter season provide perfect conditions for enthusiasts of iceboating or snowkiting.

Active leisure lovers will find extensive leisure and recreation facilities to choose from. In addition to many swimming areas, there is a number of boat, catamaran, kayak or windsurfing board rentals and a cable wakeboarding facility on the Zegrze Lake. Thus, a cruise on the lake or honing your skills in water sports with professionals have
never been easier.

Portico Marina will have cyclists satisfied, too, with 12 marked trails covering a distance of over 350 km within the area.


Natural green belts, white sails lightly sketched in the horizon, the sheen of sunset gleaming on the quiet water surface... All this seen from your apartment window.

Portico Marina is a place for those who want the best of the two worlds: being close enough to town to enjoy its vibes and far enough to have the peace and quiet to relax after a busy day or week.
The building comprises approx. 100 remarkable housing units ranging from smaller-sized studio apartments to massive ones featuring over 200 sqm of floor space.
The offer includes studio, single and two-bedroom apartments, with or without a mezzanine.

All apartments have a breath-taking view of the lake that you can enjoy from a terrace, ground floor garden or loggia.

At Portico Marina, you are absolutely free to arrange the space any way you like. Units can be combined together without interfering with the building’s structure. Fully furnished apartments are also available to buy. In addition, residents can use an underground car park and a number of amenities, such as a reception desk, storage units or a range of leisure facilities.

Portico Marina has numerous amenities both for those looking for a peaceful getaway and
for those preferring active leisure. In addition to water pleasures and extensive bike trails, Portico Marina offers a swimming pool, squash court or paddle tennis court to spend time keeping active.

With a wide array of relaxation treatments, the wellness and SPA complex will help residents take care of their body and mind, and eating out at a restaurant or having fun at a playground arranged for the youngest residents will make your family time more of a bliss out.


Dreaming of a relaxing afternoon at a SPA or a morning game of tennis?
Portico Marina is a space for relaxation making every day a real pleasure.

Portico Marina has numerous amenities both for those looking for a peaceful getaway and
for those preferring active leisure. In addition to water pleasures and extensive bike trails, Portico

Marina offers a swimming pool, squash court or paddle tennis court to spend time keeping active.
With a wide array of relaxation treatments, the wellness and SPA complex will help residents take care of their body and mind, and eating out at a restaurant or having fun at a playground arranged for the youngest residents will make your family time more of a bliss out.

 Location, how far it is from Warsaw, you can see below:


The convenient location by the Zegrze Lake ensures that residents can enjoy picturesque scenery away from the capital’s hustle and bustle, and yet an easy and fast access to the city.
7 bus lines from Warsaw, including one night line.
30 min away from Modlin Airport.
45 min away from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
15 min from the commuter rail (SKM/KM) station.
45 min from the centre of Warsaw.
Taxi ranks.
Water bus.

If you are interested to get more info call +48 608 433 059 (available on whatsapp).

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Ideas for Small Balcony Space - Before and After

How to make dull balcony or veranda a nice place to sit, drink coffee in the morning? I would like to show you today great idea for small balcony space.

This is how this small balcony used to look.
You need white paint, three recycled pallets, few pillows and few plants and it is possible to makeover a sad place into vibrant in only 2 days. 
Everything, including floor was painted in white.

Just one remark. For floor you need a paint that is more hard and more suitable for hard usage. 

What can I say... the owner says that this small veranda/balcony became the favourite place to unwind.... 

September 13, 2017

My Abutilon Needs Your Help!

My sweet Abutilon called also Indian mallow or velvetleaf or room maple, got sick! I dont know how to help him. It used to look so beautiful! Look below.

... and now it looks really bad...

.... I 've read it could be due to ustable water conditions and not enough fertiliser, cos they are constantly hungry...

This state you see on the photo got developed in 3 months only....

ANY IDEA how to help him?

May 1, 2017

Recycled Pallet Table Revisited

Hello Fellows Gardeners! Yesterday I was walking by table made of recycled pallets, so much liked by you. No wonder, cos the idea is stunning.

Few months passed and I was thinking that you also probably would be curious how it's doing. So, bam! Here it is.

Everything seems to be fine. No changes and no signs of wearing off. 

Instead, this little cute guys slowly pop out their heads...

I wonder. Anybody planning to make this sort of table this season?

March 9, 2017

Choose eco-friendly Shed and Storage House

With an ongoing government focus on climate change, unsustainable living, pollution and a depletion of resources, it’s easy to see why eco-friendly products are becoming much more widely available and also much more consumer friendly.

Companies are currently doing everything they can to help consumers “pick green” which has included a significant reduction in prices – in a lot of industries, products marketed as environmentally friendly had been more expensive to purchase.

As demand for oil increases globally, production is being considerably reduced and scientists have predicted that we’ll have reached global peak within the next 20 years. As the building industry relies heavily on oil for the production and transportation of materials, it’s been one of the hardest hit which is why, over the last few years you’ll have noticed huge changes in the way houses and other buildings are built, in a bid to control the amounts of air, water and ground pollution as well as capping the amount of waste going to landfill.

A reduction in energy consumption

According to the government “in 2009 buildings accounted for about 43% of all the UK’s carbon emissions.” From 2010 a policy was introduced which meant that all new developments needed to be energy efficient. However, from 2016, all new homes must be zero carbon in order to comply with the latest policy, and this could be stretched to include all other developments too from 2019.

With the inevitable reduction in fossil fuels and also the threat of climate change having an irreversible impact, it’s essential we significantly reduce our energy consumption with not only energy efficient housing, but also outbuildings too.

It might sound like a lot of effort, but in reality, it’s really easy and will save you a lot of money in the long run too – great news when the cost of fossil fuels are set to rise dramatically.

Eco-friendly buildings

When talking about eco-friendly buildings, a lot of people’s first thoughts spring straight to houses, blocks of flats and workplace environments. However, we should all be thinking much closer to home. As many people now avoid commuting and work from home, the garden office is something that’s grown massively in popularity, the traditional summerhouse – very often made into a man cave – has also made a comeback and also glamping is now a huge favourite of all Brits, and these are all areas that are really easy to make eco-friendly environments.

There are plenty of companies now that specialise in the making of eco-friendly outdoor buildings, whether it’s a home office you’re after, an entertainment space, a camping pod, a playroom or a summerhouse, all bases are covered. What’s more, they look great too, made from sustainable timbers, high-spec and extra thick insulation, along with quality double-glazed doors and windows which means that the outlay from the consumer, in terms of heating the area, is kept to a minimum. Not only is this great for your pockets, it also means that the majority of generated heat is unable to escape into the atmosphere, which is great for the environment too.

This type of construction also means that the building’s temperature will be much easier to regulate, staying at a constant throughout the year as opposed to having a constant battle with an area that’s too hot to work in the summer and far too cold for working during the winter.


It’s not just the building that can be eco-friendly though, other elements can be too. Take the roof, for example, some companies will offer wild flower or sedum covered roofs as an optional extra when you buy the building. If this is not offered though, it’s something that you can buy and add separately yourself. Wild flower roofs blend in with green space surroundings, and provide great looking and exceptionally important micro-climates for insects, bird life and other wildlife.

Not only does this enable the existence and survival of wildlife, it also acts as yet another insulating layer to the roof, reducing heat loss even further, and providing an eco-friendly way to deal with water run-off in the event of a heavy downpour.

The base and below

As well as the building itself, it’s great to know that all other elements of the build can be just as good for the environment as the main structure.

Weeds growing underneath your eco-building are the last thing you want, not only because they look unsightly when they find their way out, but also because they command moisture which could cause damage to the building. By using a weed blocking membrane, the base is protected as the growth of weeds is suppressed. Then, of course, you need to think about the base itself. Times have changed dramatically in terms of outdoor building and shed bases, so forget about the permanent concrete base that used to be so popular, because the new kid on the block is so much better. Fully transportable, which means you alter the position of the building in future should you wish, recycled plastic interlocking base tiles are the way forward – take a look at these if you’re unsure. 

Each of these tiles are made from 100% recycled plastic which was destined for landfill before being scooped up and transformed into a strong, durable and, most importantly, useable product. The plastic shed base tiles you can see here from the Shed Base Company are lightweight, easy to install (there’s a simple interlocking connection on the sides of each tile) and exceptionally strong.

Most people can expect to be able to lay 100 m2 in around 60 minutes, so a small building base should be no problem. Each of these panels can withstand weights of up to 420 tonnes per square metre, is resistant to adverse weather conditions, chemicals and UV damage. This type of base will also ensure the base of your construction is continually ventilated thanks to the innovative cellular structure of the panels. Their structure means that surface water is able to flow easily through natural drainage channels; this will prevent a build-up of moisture and as a consequence will prevent the development of moisture and damp to the base of your eco-building.

About the Author

Fergus, CEO at Shed Base Company

Fergus - As a UK manufacturer The Shed Base Company’s mission is to become the UK’s leading supplier of shed bases made from recycled plastic for use in all types of garden buildings. Since 2013 we have provided over 6000 plastic shed bases to our customers across the UK and is quickly becoming the number one choice for Eco-Friendly shed bases.

March 8, 2017

Garden can change your life - story of the Reader

From my working station today :) I share this story.... One day an email poped up in my inbox....


This might sound strange, but a garden changed my life.

My wife started a garden last year, and while I knew there were physical and mental benefits to the hobby, I never expected it to have such a wide positive impact on my entire family. Our diets have improved, we get plenty of exercise and sunshine from garden work, our collective stress is at an all-time low, and my kids are now actually excited about eating healthy. We’ve even inspired other neighbors to follow suit!

My hope is that I can inspire your audience, too. These are some great resources on gardening that I thought would look great here: 

I hope you’ll consider adding these to your site, but I also don’t want to be a bother. If you’re not interested in this kind of outreach, please shoot me a quick email letting me know.

Thanks in advance,



This was my answer:

Hello :) thank you very much for your message :) I am really happy to read it.
Its truly inspiring for me :)
Could I share your story with my audience?



Luke answer was following:

You are most welcome, Ewa! I'm glad that you appreciate the information I sent over!

Feel free to share the resources and my story with your audience so they can benefit from the list as well.  It is my sincere hope that the information gets out there for people to learn from.

Thank you!

THANK YOU Luke for sharing your story and resources that helped you.
In these days when the world is getting more and more anty-human, we gardeners need to stand firm by our soil maintaining tasks and helping the EARTH to protect our HEART.
There is no coincidence that HEART is anagram* of HEART
Have a great weekend!
*anagram - a word or phrase spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase.