January 31, 2010

Horse ranch trip

In the depths of winter I finally learned, there was in me an invincible summer – this is not my quote, but I could say it this winter. Despite Albert Camus said that – great French novelist, Noble Prize winner in 1957 – I feel he borrowed it from me.

This winter is the strongest winter in Poland in the last 30 years. It started early /in November/, brought lots of snow, temperatures below -22F/-30C and winds – this is something we are not used to.

Despite of that let me take you today for a short trip – only 40 km/60 miles away from Warsaw – to a horse ranch and fishery hidden in the depths of winter. This place is giving great authentic feeling, furnished with original vintage furniture, household and farming items. In every room there is authentic furniture remembering previous centuries, shared spaces are heated with old style stoves.

So, give me your hand and let’s go…

Cold outside, warmth and tasty food inside...

Basilicum still growing, pumpkins warming up the colors around...


..entrance to the guesthouse with bedrooms..

... stove at the 'lobby'...

Barn on the right side.

..old vehicles still up and running - this one is used in the summer...

...winter pleasure: rides in vintage sleigh...   

I hope you liked the trip :)

Piknik Klub 44, Krzyczki, just 40 kilometers away from Warsaw, see it on Google Maps here 

January 9, 2010

Night winter scene in the garden

This is how my garden looked 2 days ago, before it started to snow again - amount of snow at least tripled. Next pictures will come from real winter scenes. Keep warm!

January 3, 2010

Winter hedge full of red berries spotted

You guys know everything, so probably you can help. I just spotted in Warsaw great winterhedge. Trimmed nicely and full of red berries. Maybe you know what plant is it?

January 2, 2010

Goodbye Letter to Old Year

Goodbye letter to old year was 10 sentences long - I said goodbye to all bad things that happened last year. Then I burned it - ashes scattered in the garden. That is not all. Then I wrote a new letter to 2010 with all my wishes and it will be placed somewhere I can see it pretty often and check what is happening. If things will not go the way I want, I will adjust my actions.

What you have done to say good bye to old year?