February 21, 2011

Larkspur DIY support idea

Larkspur has this awful habit  to slip away from control and lay down when you only put your hands somewhere else in the spring and forget to support them properly. It is not easy to forget it in the time, when we gardeners run around frantic to manage to do as much as possible. March and April here is the time when I forget that garden is my oasis, heaven and eden. Twice I have forgotten to support larkspur and I promised myself either to get rid of the plant or never forget supporting it properly. There is one little problem – I hate plastic in the garden. So far only reasonable and working supports I could buy were plastic.    
Last year I discovered great solution. There is a way to combine sustainable practices, keep larskspur in a ‘soldier’ position when you need it and additionally make your garden more beautiful.
Today I picked 3 photos from a huge pile to inspire myself and maybe you also find it inspiring on how to do it using waste cuttings that pile in the garden after late winter and spring pruning. 

February 7, 2011

Flowery Dresses on the Snow

Flowery dresses? Flowers in the winter? Great idea - what do we miss most at this very season? Flowers! I found today these lovely flower dresses for you. I hope you like them as much as I do. These flower dresses were designed and made by Kasia Skalska - young, Polish student, obviously very talented. As she wrote in an e-mail, she made them just to get some air between different exams. 

She is designing clothes and jewellery for herself and friends since already few years. Flowers are for Kasia  one of the favorite patterns. In case of these dress most difficult was getting proper shape of the flowers.   

Models enjoyed the session a lot, despite of cold. The all got sick next day, but still it was worth it. No wonder! I love the photos as well. 

And here on the right there is Kasia Skalska by herself. Her blog in Polish is here.
Thanks for permission to republish photos :)