February 15, 2012

Vegetable market images - Stockholm

Vegetable market images taken in Stockholm at night - beautiful, colorful view while gray, black, dark around.
Open to the chaos of darkness within to invoke the mistery of life to begin....

February 8, 2012

Low maintenance succulent vertical garden

For those seeking illusive no maintenance garden, low maintenance is the solution.

While seeking ideas for current project I am working on, which is designing green in the office, I found those adorable photos.
Idea of vertical garden is great, but doing it yourself needs additional skills for installing all those watering and fertilizing pipes etc.

Non thorn succulents are beautiful and safe, almost don’t need care to keep on going and look smashing!

Look at those photos – don’t you want something like this? I want!

Photos by FarOutFlora

February 2, 2012

Green design solutions - moss carpets

Living green design solutions are fresh and inspiring. More and more architects and designers show their extraordinary imagination in designing green interiors.

I love especially the below one, designed by Makoto Azuma, Japan-based flower artist, who has created a moss carpet system that can flow through your home in any design you wish, creating a living, breathing textile The carpet is exquisite and it can easily turn any house into a unique and nice place to live in.

It was presented on Milan Furniture Show.

Photos by China Blue

Photo by Tree Village
This is beautiful example how to change your lawn, which will look miserable anyway in shady area, into stylish nook. 

Photo by Lars Plougmann

Amazing green design solution! But how to get rid of the small critters living naturally there? 

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