June 17, 2012

8 photos of most impressive green roof building at Floriade 2012

Last week I’ve visited Floriade, an international flower exhibition hosted in Netherlands every 10 years. Each time the expo is in different location - this year it’s in Venlo (close to German and Belgian border), southern part of Netherlands, 50 km away from Eindhoven.

Today’s photos show my completely subjective choice of best and most green designed pavilion at Floriade – Belgian Pavillion. Have a look and judge by yourself.

Looking at 500 photos I took last weekend at Floriade and thinking what to show you first, I’ve decided to share with you this uniquely designed pavilion with amazing green roof.

From April 5 through October 7, the city of Venlo turned 163 acres of land into a garden and flower festival.
You can discover stunning mosaics created out of flowers, attend educational activities - perfect place to bring children with you.  There is also 5 themed worlds and more than 100 gardens and pavilions with unique flowers and plants from around the world - lot’s of inspiration.

As the Floriade website says "Everywhere you go there is something new and surprising to discover. Together we will make Floriade 2012 a world of fascination. Spectacular and relaxing. Educational and fun. Active and contemplative.”

The expo is expected to attract 2 million visitors.

There was only one disappointing thing. Not like in other exhibition and festivals – there is not much to buy except some souvenirs, few plants, bulbs or garden accessories. I was expecting much more in that regard as Netherlands is the capital of plant trade in Europe.
Beside that it was one full day best spend.

Some more photos will follow in next posts.

I wish you a happy weekend!!!



June 3, 2012

Chelsea Flower Show 2012 - Best in Show Winner

Wonderful designer Cleve West won the Best in Show prize again this year at Chelsea Flower Show. Have a look at video - you can explore all important elements of the garden.
I adore the delicate balance between symmetrical design and fluffy, feathery and ostensibly unruly herbaceous planting, not to mention water features. Have a look!

Photos courtesy of Karen Roe, Swamibu