November 22, 2013

Mysterious Callisia fragrans

Today is a sharing day. Like every day in your lives, because every day you share something or you share your life with others. Whether you are married or single. If you are single and sad today, don’t be. The paradigm of family as the only real close people is ending. You need to get little bit more open and let friends to your life. I mean real friends. People that will support you even you call them in the middle of the night.

Today is a sharing day and I will share what I have learned about the plant I asked the other day to help in identification. It’s worth it.

Thank you so much for helping me to identify the plant on the picture and enlightment that follows. My special thanks go to Rosekraft, Vi and Claude.

I would like to introduce to you her majesty CALLISIA FRAGRANS. A plant rarely to buy in the flower shop or nursery. If you live in 9+ zone it may grow outside, below 9 it can grow only indoors.

As I first saw Callisia fragrans, whithout knowing the name, I was told about it strong remedy to different health problems and the comparison to ginseng in that aspect. My research shows that there really is something special about it. 

1. The first source I’d like to share:
“I have a very healing plant I wanted send to you but I decided ask first if you need it, just as thank you gift to you wonderful souls. First the story. More then a week ago I finally bought cooper pipes. I did put together my CB. It was on back porch, was raining and i not know where to place it yet. On Sunday I made a hole in the flower bed and decided move whole CB ... long story... almost killed myself it was so heavy. It was about 10 am in the morning, I could not turn my body, bend, I could not do any healing work on myself, my whole back was off, in pain.
Now I am sitting in pain and thinking that I am not going pay those doctors, how I can go to work and work and what can I do. First thing came to my mind my plant. I used it many times before and it would take 3-4 days to take care of any inside pain.

Now the plant name is CALLISIA FRAGRANCE. We have many books in Russia about that plant and its healing abilities. “
If youwant to read more click here.  

2. Second is scientific source – results of the research made by one of the universities:
“Callisia Fragrans Family Doctor PlantThe phenomenal healing effect is explained by the bioactive substances contained by the plant. Callisia Fragrance fights various kinds of infection, stimulates metabolism, improves circulation and immune system, purifies the body. Also, it relieves pain, heals wounds and even tumours. In addition, it tackles indigestion and breathing problems. This resource is a guide on using the plant for medical purposes.It is not only a decoration plant, it has wide medicinal use in Europe and Russia. Active biological substances that are in Callisia fragrans can struggle with any types of infections, stimulate metabolic processes, strengthen immunity and circulatory system, has positive influence on growths. Substances from steroid group contained in Callissia fragrans give it these wonderful possibilities. Because of the presence of biologically active substances Callisia Fragrans (Golden tendril) can help fight various diseases. The whole plant posses curative compounds, juice is the same throughout the plant, although it's higher concentration in the stem.'Золотой ус' Zolotoy us’.”

3. On one of the blogs the author is writing:
“Before leaving Aunt Luba initiated us into the methods of making Basket Plant extract which, as she said, “cures everything, and boosts the immune system.”
Basket Plant – (Callisia fragrans). Also known as золотой ус, or “golden whisker” in Russian.
How tomake an extract you can learn by clicking here. After clicking look n thebottom of the page.

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November 1, 2013

Could you help to ID this plant?

I was told it's a kind of ginseng or rather ginseng like herb. From the description I've heard it made me really curious what it really is. Have you seen it maybe?

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