April 30, 2016

Undervalued bergenias or elephat’s ears

Today I had a walk in the city. That spot you see on the photo really caught my eye. See the vibrant magenta color of bergenia Winterglow? The strong contrast with fresh beautiful green color of weeping willow made me stand and stare for quite a while.

I slowly took the camera out and started to take photos. The bypassing people stopped and stared at me and the object of my interest. Why? They don’t see what I see?

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April 16, 2016

27 flowers of Algarve in one day of March

Have a look at this collection of flowers I met just on one day walk in Algarve (South of Portugal) on 23 of March.

Oh, those lavenders... strelizias... bougainvilleas... flowering rosmary... and more modest species - Algarve is in flowers in March... See it by yourself...

April 1, 2016

Landscaping with Grasses = Unusual Spring Garden

I know, we all – you and me – are craving for the spring flowers. While looking for spring harbingers, despite, or maybe rather in addition to that, I found something else and would like to bring to your attention year-round attractive garden that looks magical even at this most difficult season, end of winter and beginning of spring.

I thought it was worthwhile to present this great example of a well planned plantings, attractive throughout the year, not only when the flowers appears.

See the pictures.

Late February and early March is one of the worst periods in the garden here in Poland, when visually nothing happens, and most plants are bare and sad. Look at this garden, do you find it not attractive?

A well-designed garden looks good throughout the year, such as this one. Though this is the beginning of March and in the gardens there is nothing, apart from the first small harbingers of spring in warmer regions of the country, this garden looks attractive.

The combination of evergreens (boxwood, pachysandra, moss) with deciduous plants (grasses, geraniums, shrubs) gave a unique effect. In December and January, the dried grasses are beautifully rustling in the wind.

Hooray for designers!

If they would add some spring bulbs, I would be completely satisfied.

As the legendary Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf said, you need to plan planting not according to the way they are flowering but the way they are dying. Why? Because most of them are dead for most of their life cycle.

You can admire this great landscape at Qbik in Warsaw, Poland.

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