June 30, 2010

Garden decorations

If I say now the word ‘garden’ – what comes to your mind first? Plants, flowers, veggies probably… then maybe furniture, paths, gravel etc. What about decorations? Do you have it in your mind when you think about the garden? And which garden you think are more beautiful with or without decorations?

Once I have written a post about plans to rearrange the garden and I have asked from what to start the change. In your comments, one of the best advice I’ve got is to start to think about decorations. I found it extremely inspiring, because decoration items define much better what kind of ambience my garden exhibits. Plants and furniture are important, but decoration items give the final touch and personalize the space. Beautiful garden decor transforms the spirit of the place, giving it a stylish, sophisticated feel. Sure, plants and flowers set the mood when you adore how they grow and bloom, but choosing unique accessories for garden will enhance the beauty of your plants.

Like every gardener from time to time - I am not so different - and I am also currently at the process of deciding what items to add to my garden and what spirit they shall reflect. I spotted some nice stuff at Grand Illusions: tea light holders, candle lanterns, zinc pots, planters and wire decorations. I like the design of the items and their beautiful, French inspired, rustic style. Have a look and tell me if you like it.

And remember bird feeders? When is better time to think about it than now? Maybe you think it’s early – you say, but I believe good planning is the key. The point is to start to feed the birds earlier, than the real winter starts, so birds learn and remember where the food is when the snow appears. In my zone 6 it’s good to start in October, latest in November. Sometimes I procrastinate and ‘wake up’ in December/January, but this year I plan ahead.


Less is More said...

nice post thanks for the info , like me im new in this hobby putting up my own garden . can you give me tips or steps on how and what im needing . i have read some post about wind spinners is this advisable garden accessories ? hope to hear from you . thank you and good day.

Unknown said...

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