November 24, 2007

Aslan also likes indoor blooms

Somebody asked how old Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) should be to bloom. I have an answer.
This one on the picture was planted by my 7 months ago. I just picked double segments from the mature (I prune it every spring to keep it shorter and more dense) and sticked it to soil. I was wondering as well whether it will bloom this year... and da da dam!
You can see small buds on it and unfortunately this schlumbergera will not open its buds, because somebody - that I will not name... moved the pot!
I grow this kind since 20 years and definately it drops all buds if the pot is moved, while the buds starts appear.

Outside, on the pond first winter frost. Phalenopsis blooming, however it needs changing the pot - somehow it got full of moss. Where the heck moss came from? I have this plant since 3 years and moss appeared in last months. Its blooming, but flowers are very small.

Doesn't it look like some kind of animal trying to get out of the pot?


Anonymous said...

I like Aslan as he is sitting there, observing you! And the last picture is funny? Like a young bird without feathers, trying to come out of his nest....or an alien from another planet or.....
Have a nice weekend Ewa,

Ewa said...

Dear Barbara, thank you for visiting.
Have a nice weekend too :)

Unknown said...

Aslan is a discerning feline, to enjoy such lovely plants.Schulmbergera are definitely keeners when it comes to flowering; I have a tiny plant I started from a piece that broke off a main plant, and it's also going to flower. Now I have a new and exciting one with apricot blossoms. I'm very excited about it and as soon as it flowers, I'll put pictures up.

Ewa said...

This schlumbergera will not open its buds, because somebody - that I will not name - moved the pot. I grow schlumbergera since 20 years and definately it drops all buds if the pot is moved, while the buds starts appear.
Mine is bicolor - pink and white.

Victoria Cummings said...

Ewa - Thanks for the very important info on the schlumbergera - Mine is about to bloom - many buds - so I will guard the pot otherwise my 93 year old Polish mother might rearrange the window garden - She's always looking for something to do around here. I live in the USA in Connecticut, where I have been given the gift of a wonderful garden and of two incredible horses. I'm new to the blogosphere - So happy to find your site - Please visit mine, Teachings of the Horse, at I'll let you know when the cactus flowers bloom!

Dawn said...

Your orchids are lovely! And Aslan is a handsome cat ... or is he a "house lion"? ;-) Anyway, he looks too innocent to have moved the Christmas cactus. Perhaps you could glue the pot to the spot so no one moves it again.

I love your blog.


Ewa said...

greetings to your mother - she seems to be very active :)
Welcome to the blogosphere and I will check yours.

hi hi, what a funny idea - never thought on gluing pots :) actually just yesterday I was thinking to put 'posters' with info 'for admiring only. touching forbidden'


SchneiderHein said...

Oh what a wonderful place for Aslan!

Anonymous said...

Have a nice day, tihi is very very nice

Victoria Cummings said...

Ewa - Thanks for your kind note - Your kitty reminds me of my cat, Velcro (only he's orange), who loves to smell the flowers and nibble on their leaves. And my cactus is blooming!!!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

Hello Ewa, how are you?

Wow!...what a lovely flower! congratulations as it is blooming.

but alas the buds will not open :(

AnD is that ur cat..Aslan ?? ..wowww! Aslan is too cute.

Oh! woww!! you have got a pond also. Do you have lotuses also in ur pond? I can imagine how beautiful garden you have.

Take Care
:) :) :)

Strawberry Lane said...

What beautiful photos. Enjoyed your site very much.

Thanks for the info on the Christmas Cactus. I have one that struggles on in spite of me. Perhaps now with your comments I can care for it in the proper way and enjoy their wonderful flowers.