July 14, 2008

Watering and astrological gardening

Can you imagine what I just have read today in my horoscope for today? I read it sometimes, but today it drew my attention to garden, that I have abandoned lately - my "dog days" came, when I think rather about changes that should be done in my garden, than I am willing to maintain it and see the current beauty.
I know the beauty is not gone anywhere, it is still here. That weird feeling is somehow connected with very dry spell we have since May and the need of almost "constant" watering.

So here goes hy horoscope for today:
"Water your plants today and make sure they are getting enough light, Ewa. If you don't have any plants, take this opportunity to go to the nursery and pick up a couple for your home or office. Nourish the organic things in your life to help remind you of your own roots, which are extremely important for you right now. Sink deep into the earth in order to understand the environment around you."
When I red the other day on Robin at Bumblebee blog a question: "how much time weekly you spend on gardening?", I thought 'unfortunately none, lately'... but in a moment... no! watering counts also! Yes, I spent 4-6 hours a week on watering. Not very sustainable gardening, right? Even if I have it on my mind.

The point is that our plants are mainly not drought resistant. Poland is lush green in the summer - for how many more years it will be like this? During May and June we had very little rain - crops and farmers suffered from it.

It looks that our agriculture and gardens should shift little more toward plants that are more drought resistant.

Luckily since few days we had and still have a lot of rain. 2cm of rain in 2 days - that is pretty much.

There are also strong thunderstorms passing over.

Last night it it came suddenly and it got very dark...
... then very bright sometimes and very loud...

It lasted 3 hours and last hour was the peak one - loudest and brightest.
Despite I am happy that plants got some heavy watering - plants in general, not only in my garden.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't it amazing how you can water water water and the plants seem to languish. Then a big storm comes through and dumps rain and the plants all stand up and applaud with greener leaves and brighter blooms. I hope your weather is a bit more moist now so you don't have to water so much.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Nourish the organic things in your life to help remind you of your own roots. Such sound advice!

Here we have had lots of rain lately but I still had to water my plants as they are in my new border and they need to settle in.

Excellent post Ewa and i loved the pics of the dark and threathening skies!

On Bliss there is humor today. Or what passes for it. ;-)

Barbara said...

absolutely stunning pictures of the storm! I love watching storms roll in. I like to sit at the window or patio door and watch the lightning light up the sky. And Yay for not having to water! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture Ewa.

Katarina said...

You can't help being amazed by the weather! It's the same here - sun for a bit, then thunder and rain. Still, it's good for gardening, isn't it?

Victoria Cummings said...

Ewa - The photos of the storm are beautiful. When I was a little girl, I was in charge of watering my mother's garden. So watering has fond memories for me and I really enjoy doing it. I make it a meditation, trying to keep my mind blank except for observing the spray of the water and the sound of it. We've had so much rain this summer that I haven't needed to water, and I kind of miss it.

Minerva said...

I just came back from the USA to my rain forest jungle in the middle of the rain season and... there was not a drop of rain in the last two weeks. There is no water in the stream bordering my property and there is no water in my pipes, either (it comes normally from the stream), which makes the house uninhabitable and my terrace plants thirsting for rain. Onlt the jungle looks as lush as it normally does - rain or not, it adapts.

Gail said...

You are so right we need to think more about water wise plantings and it is hard for us to give up the old ways of doing things and embrace new ones...What a thought provoking post with great photographs!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, watering counts, Ewa! Are you kidding?? It's OK to just have a break from your garden as long as you water it. You're not letting it die, right? Take time to nourish yourself first. Fill your own bucket, my dear.
Kathryn xoxo